Yup.gg is a Super App for Esports Content Creators

Esports has been exploding in Southeast Asia. Go anywhere in the region to see players obsessing over the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends and Mobile Legends. Yup.gg, an esports and content creator marketplace based in Singapore, has jumped right into the fray.

Yup.gg launches with 2,000 content creators with a following of 50 million fans, averaging close to a billion views every month!

Founded by Raiford C. Cockfield III, formerly Twitch’s Head of APAC, Nicholas Khoo, president and co-founder of SCOGA, and Tim Zhu, former Head of Supply Chain Engineering for Applied Materials, yup.gg aims to be at the forefront of esports and gaming content creation.

The yup.gg platform provides a multitude of organisational features for all types of creators. Whether you are an IP owner, professional player, or an entertainer for the masses, the platform provides brand new pathways for income and an immense network for all to connect and learn from their peers.

Our aim is to create a trusted home for passionate esports and game-loving content creators to find monetisation opportunities and feel safe and informed in the decisions they make in order to grow their careers.  All this while helping brands discover and work with creators in the most effective and efficient way possible.
Raiford C. Cockfield III, CEO, yup.gg

Several agencies, esports teams and content creators across Southeast Asia and Brazil have already tied up with yup.gg.

The platform has also partnered with companies such as Branded and Globe Telecom to further improve their offerings, proving that they are truly here for the long haul.

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