SharkNinja Unveils Innovative Appliances for Singapore’s Busy and Space-Conscious Consumers

SharkNinja, a leader in technology and small kitchen appliances has announced its latest product innovations set to launch in Singapore this May. These new additions aim to enhance the quality of life for the fast-paced and space-limited lifestyles prevalent in Singapore.

The new products, which fall under Shark and Ninja’s branding, are meticulously engineered keeping in mind the unique demands of Asian consumers.

They boast multi-functionality and state-of-the-art technology, offering solutions that not only save space but elevate cooking and cleaning from mundane chores to delightful experiences.

“Leading fast-paced lives, Singaporeans neither have the time to cook and clean every day nor the required space to store an army of tools. At SharkNinja, our innovation philosophy is driven by a deep understanding of our customers’ everyday problems, so they do not have to compromise on health or convenience.” said Tanvi Kant, General Manager for SharkNinja in Singapore and Malaysia.

Ninja Blast: Portable Powerhouse


The first of the innovative products is the Ninja Blast Portable Blender. This powerful, cordless blender offers unprecedented convenience and efficiency, making it ideal for quick, high-quality beverages anywhere from home to the gym.

Equipped with the robust, stainless steel BlastBlade technology, it can handle ice and frozen ingredients with ease, making it a standout in Singapore’s crowded portable blender market.

Its design is as practical as it is powerful: leak-proof, easy to clean, and featuring a long-lasting battery that can deliver up to ten blends per charge. Safety is also a priority, with separate power and blend buttons to prevent accidental operation.

Shark HydroVac: The Ultimate Cleaning Tool


For cleaning, Shark introduces the Shark HydroVac™ Cordless Vacuum. This 3-in-1 device vacuums, mops, and even cleans itself simultaneously, representing a major leap forward in floorcare.

Aimed at busy families and pet owners, it combines powerful suction with high-speed mopping and an antimicrobial brush roll for a comprehensive cleaning solution that keeps up with the busiest of lifestyles.

The HydroVac offers features tailored to the needs of its users, including two cleaning modes for hard floors and rugs, an ergonomic design, and a dual-tank system that separates clean and dirty water.

Its odor-neutralizing solution is perfect for homes with pets, ensuring a fresh-smelling environment after every clean.

SharkNinja’s new lineup will initially be available exclusively at Harvey Norman from May 17, 2024, to June 16, 2024. Post this period, these products will hit the shelves of major retailers including Takashimaya, Tang’s, Courts, Lazada, and Shopee.

The Shark HydroVac will retail at S$649, while the Ninja Blast Portable Blender will be available for S$99 in three stylish colors – Black, Denim Blue, and Cranberry Red.