Ep 38: justsaying with Henry Ting – CEO, TTRacing

“Gaming peripherals and accessories used to be a luxurious market, this is when I saw a glaring gap in the industry,” said Henry Ting, Founder and CEO of TTRacing, a million-dollar brand that had made gaming chairs more affordable for the wider public.

Introducing TTRacing – the ergonomic gaming company whose mission is to craft top-tier ergonomic gaming chairs that elevate your seating experience to new heights.

Their products are engineered to deliver comfort and support, to ensure that every moment spent in their chairs are optimized for peak productivity and performance – whether you’re grinding through a marathon gaming session or tackling a demanding work project.

We speak to Henry Ting, the mastermind behind TTRacing, who brings a finance background and a degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with over 8 years deeply immersed in the gaming hardware industry.

Henry’s forte lies in product development and digital marketing. Under his guidance, TTRacing has not only seen remarkable revenue growth but has also maintained an impressive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and customer satisfaction rate.

Henry’s journey began in 2014 when he ventured into entrepreneurship, initially as a hobby, selling gaming peripherals online to the Malaysian market. With a modest starting capital of RM800, the venture kicked off on a pre-order basis.

By 2016, it had blossomed into a significant enterprise, raking in a total revenue of RM2,000,000 and a profit of RM400,000.

Recognizing the burgeoning demand for ergonomic and stylish gaming chairs, especially with the rise in sedentary lifestyles, Henry strategically reinvested profits from his initial venture into founding TTRacing in late 2017.

Henry shares with us his vision for TTRacing, his start and gives valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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