Wizards of the Coast Sets the Stage for a Thrilling Mystery with “Murders at Karlov Manor”

Wizards of the Coast is gearing up to captivate tabletop gamers worldwide with the release of “Murders at Karlov Manor” (#MTGKarlov), the latest expansion for the globally acclaimed trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG).

Slated for release on February 9, 2024, the set promises to immerse players in a spellbinding murder mystery set within the enigmatic cityscape of Ravnica.

Kicking off the excitement, Wizards Play Network stores across the country will host prerelease events starting from February 2, offering fans the first glimpse into the intriguing world of Karlov Manor. These events are a cornerstone of the MTG community, allowing players to dive into the new set’s mechanics and storyline before its official launch.

In a unique twist to celebrate the launch, Wizards of the Coast Southeast Asia (SEA) has orchestrated an original murder mystery challenge. Starting February 5, 2024, enthusiasts can engage with this interactive online contest via the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


This digital event invites aspiring detectives from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines to piece together clues and identify the culprit behind the sinister events at Karlov Manor. Participants stand a chance to win exclusive prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the set’s debut.

The narrative-driven campaign features a stellar Asian cast, including the award-winning talents of Jo Tan, Edward Choy, Feroz Jaan Malik, Tiara Yap, and Tysha Khan, bringing the mystery to life with their compelling performances.


“Murders at Karlov Manor” is not just a collection of cards but a foray into detective fiction, blending classic murder mystery elements with the strategic gameplay of MTG. For the first time, the set introduces Play Boosters, a novel concept designed to enhance the game’s collectibility and play experience.

These boosters combine the allure of Set Boosters with the gameplay focus of Draft Boosters, offering players a chance to discover rare and mythic cards in a new and exciting format.


The set’s storyline revolves around a series of high-profile murders within the opulent walls of Karlov Manor, targeting Ravnica’s elite. To quell the rising chaos and solve the mystery, a trio of detectives – the astute Alquist Proft, the ghost-assassin Kaya, and the youthful Fae, Kellan – are tasked with navigating a labyrinth of clues, suspects, and guild politics.

“Murders at Karlov Manor” introduces innovative mechanics like Disguise, Collect Evidence, and Cases, and enriches the gameplay with layers of strategy and deduction. Players can adopt new tactics, from employing creatures in disguise to collecting evidence from their graveyard to activate powerful effects, all aimed at solving the overarching mystery and identifying the murderer.

The set also dazzles with its visual appeal, featuring Showcase Magnified and Ravnica City treatments, Full-Art Impossible Lands, Showcase Dossiers, and Invisible Ink Dossiers. These artistic enhancements captivate the imagination and serve as critical elements in the game’s detective theme.


As “Murders at Karlov Manor” prepares to make its mark on the MTG community, its blend of storytelling, gameplay innovation, and community engagement positions it as a must-experience expansion for fans and newcomers alike. With prerelease events on the horizon and a murder mystery to solve, the stage is set for one of the most immersive MTG experiences.

Recording of Detective Briefing

Singapore, 9 February 2024, 9:00 am

Officers present: Detective Alquist Proft, Private Eye Kaya Kassir

Meeting notes

Murders at Karlov Manor take place in the sprawling cityscape of Ravnica. This detective-themed set evokes classic murder mystery tropes as players investigate a series of cold-blooded killings tied to a greater conspiracy.

With intriguing puzzles and cryptic clues to be collected, Murders at Karlov Manor is also the first MTG set to introduce Play Boosters, a brand new way to play and experience MTG.