ZOWIE XL2566K Chosen as Official Monitor for VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific

ZOWIE will be the Official Monitor Supplier for the 2023-2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for the brand by providing their latest 360Hz gaming monitor model XL2566K and its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

The VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific is a premier esports competition that brings together some of the most skilled and talented teams from across the Pacific region to compete for the champion title.

With this partnership, ZOWIE will provide their latest 360Hz gaming monitors XL2566K esports gaming monitor, for the tournament in the next two years, delivering the best and seamless gaming experience for players and viewers alike.

The XL2566K esports gaming monitor represents the latest evolution of this commitment, featuring a 360Hz refresh rate, DyAc⁺ technology, and a fast TN panel for optimised smoothness during gameplay.

DyAc⁺ technology reduces motion blur, providing a clearer view for players to make flick shots and manage recoil, while the Black eQualizer colour optimisation technology enhances visibility in dark scenes without overexposing bright areas. This feature helps players recover from flashes and see-through smoke.

The fast TN panel allows players to focus more and be less distracted by providing a sharp outline of moving targets. With these advanced features, the XL2566K is the perfect monitor for hardcore players who demand the highest level of performance and clarity in their gameplay.

“Our goal has always been to deliver the best possible gaming experience for esports players, and this partnership with the VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific is a testament to that commitment,” said Jeffrey Liang, the President of BenQ Asia Pacific Region.

“We are proud to be the official monitor supplier for this prestigious tournament, and we look forward to supporting the esports community with our cutting-edge technology.”


“The reason why we love ZOWIE is that not only do they dip their heads in bringing us the best specs, but also notice these small but appreciable details,” said Paper Rex, one of the esports teams in VCT Pacific.

“We are really looking forward to competing in the VCT Pacific tournament with the ZOWIE XL2566K, which is the most reliable monitor that players and fans alike trust. We know that players and fans alike will be blown away by the quality and performance of their products.”