Crunchyroll Springs into 2024 with an Eclectic Anime Lineup: From Kaiju Battles to High School Dramas

As the cherry blossoms bloom and herald the arrival of spring, Crunchyroll is set to enchant anime enthusiasts across Southeast Asia with a diverse array of new, returning, and continuing series.

This season’s lineup promises to cater to every taste, featuring everything from heartwarming tales of family and acceptance to thrilling adventures in fantastical worlds.

Leading the charge is the highly anticipated adaptation of “Kaiju No. 8,” where humanity faces off against monstrous creatures with Kafka Hibino dreaming of fighting back as part of The Defense Force.

This anime adaptation by Production I.G is expected to capture the essence of the popular manga with its compelling storytelling and stunning visuals.


For fans of historical intrigue and supernatural mysteries, “Black Butler -Public School Arc-” returns, delving into the shadowy corners of Britain’s elite educational institutions.

CloverWorks takes the helm to adapt this arc, promising a blend of dark fantasy and crisp Victorian aesthetics that the series is renowned for.

The slate of new series includes titles such as “Unnamed Memory,” a romantic fantasy about a prince’s quest to break a curse with the help of a powerful witch, and “Tadaima, Okaeri,” a poignant exploration of family dynamics in the face of societal prejudice.

Both series aim to weave intricate narratives that resonate with audiences on an emotional level.


Viral Hit” and “RE:MONSTER” offer a dose of high-energy action and adventure. “Viral Hit,” animated by Okuruto Noboru, follows a high schooler turned viral sensation as he navigates fame and challenges in a modern-day setting.

Meanwhile, “RE:MONSTER” takes viewers on a journey with Tomokui Kanata, who reincarnates as a goblin and rises to power in a fantasy realm, animated by Studio DEEN.


Crunchyroll doesn’t just stop at delivering top-tier anime; it also enhances viewer experience with the Crunchyroll Game Vault. This new feature offers Mega and Ultimate Fan Premium Members access to a growing library of ad-free, premium mobile games.

Highlights include “ExZeus: The Complete Collection” and “SUSHI FOR ROBOTS,” extending the entertainment beyond the screen.


Additionally, in response to community feedback, Crunchyroll is introducing the multiple profiles feature for premium subscribers. This long-requested feature will allow up to five personalized profiles per account, each with unique avatars, Crunchylists, and more personalized recommendations.

This update aims to improve the viewing experience, making it more customized and convenient for families and friends sharing an account.

As we step into the spring anime season, Crunchyroll continues to connect fans with the anime they love.