YouApp – AI-Powered Dating App Predicts If Stars Are Aligned Before You Match

Discovering a soulmate via dating apps can sometimes feel as rare as winning the jackpot. Enter YouApp, a revolutionary dating platform that shifts the scales in your favour by leveraging AI to forecast compatibility before you make your move.

The app blends ancient astrological wisdom with modern AI techniques, drawing from Chinese, Indian, and Western astrological traditions and integrating Myers-Briggs personality types to deliver instant compatibility assessments.

YouApp’s AI is enriched with insights from experts across various fields, having honed its predictive prowess on the interactions of over 20,000 active users across Asia. It offers a unique approach to finding matches by analyzing compatibility in just moments.


YouApp provides daily astrological updates offers insights into career, love, wealth, health, and social prospects, with comprehensive horoscope, Bazi, and Numerology readings. It even suggests lucky items ranging from numbers to food and clothes.

The app provides ten daily match suggestions for free. A premium membership, priced at USD$19.90 per month, unlocks unlimited likes, the ability to see who’s interested in you, and unrestricted messaging, alongside exclusive content and advanced matching filters.

A rigorous NRIC registration process for user verification is in place to combat fraud, with plans to introduce Singpass verification by the end of 2024.

Beyond love, YouApp facilitates connections for networking, friendships, shared activities, and travel.

The in-app messaging feature supports real-time translation in seven languages at launch and allows users to connect by scanning QR codes or sharing them through messages.

Douglas Gan, the visionary behind YouApp, shared, “YouApp melds the timeless with the technological, offering a platform where deep connections are forged through the intersection of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge AI.”

“By incorporating diverse astrological, numerological, and psychological insights, we provide a unique space for users to discover matches across different spheres of life. With the chances of finding a match with over 90% compatibility at just 0.15%, our goal is to make the world feel a bit smaller by connecting compatible individuals globally.”