Magic: The Gathering’s Latest Set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Unleashes a New Era of Villainy and Treasure Hunts

Wizards of the Coast has unveiled “Outlaws of Thunder Junction,” the latest addition to the beloved trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG).

Set to revolutionize the gameplay with its theme of gangs, heists, and untamed adventure, this release invites players into a lawless frontier brimming with opportunities and dangers alike.

Scheduled for tabletop release on April 19, with exclusive Prerelease experiences from April 12-18, Outlaws of Thunder Junction introduces players to Thunder Junction, a plane where crime pays, and morality is as twisted as the paths that lead to riches beyond imagination.

This new set marks a departure into a realm where the most notorious villains from across the Multiverse converge, driven by the allure of the mythical Vault of Maag Taranau and its untold treasures.


At the heart of this chaos is the enigmatic Oko, assembling a gang of the Multiverse’s most wanted for the ultimate heist. The narrative takes a captivating turn with the inclusion of Kellan, Oko’s son, who stands at a crossroads between upholding justice and succumbing to the lure of infamy.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction introduces innovative gameplay mechanics that mirror the unruly nature of its setting. The ‘Outlaw’ batched term groups together Rogues, Assassins, Pirates, Warlocks, and Mercenaries, each bringing their unique brand of mischief to the table.

The ‘Plot’ mechanic allows players to strategize long-term, exiling cards for a future play without mana costs. ‘Spree’ amplifies the chaos with additional effects for instants and sorceries, while ‘Mount’ introduces a novel way to activate creatures by tapping into their collective power.


The set also explores the theme of Crime, adding a layer of interaction and competition as players vie for the upper hand through strategic targeting. This dynamic is further highlighted in the Breaking News Bonus Sheet, featuring iconic reprints and the chance to snag textured foil versions in Collector Booster packs.

Delving deeper into the allure of Thunder Junction, the Vault presents a treasure trove of 30 different Mythic Rares, adorned in Vault Frame and Raised Foil treatments, promising a hunt that will test the wits and resolve of every player.


Moreover, Outlaws of Thunder Junction dazzles with special card treatments, including Borderless Art cards, Special Guests as part of The List, and Full-Art Basic Lands that capture the essence of this wild plane.

The Wanted Poster showcase treatment, exclusive to Oko’s gang, adds a collectible flair to this already exciting set.

As players around Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand gear up for the islandwide treasure hunt starting April 12, the anticipation builds for what promises to be one of the most thrilling adventures in MTG’s storied history.


Outlaws of Thunder Junction is not just a set; it’s a ticket to a world where danger lurks around every corner, and fortunes are made or lost with the flip of a card.

For those ready to embrace the outlaw within, Thunder Junction awaits. Will you seek justice, or will the promise of untold riches lead you down a path of no return?