The Massive PRISM+ Q86-QE PRO Offers Great Visuals At An Amazing Price

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Massive screen
Dolby HDR certified
Integrated far-field microphone
Amazing value
No HDMI 2.1

July this year, PRISM+ launched its Q Series PRO Android TVs, as it looked to bring the cinematic experience into your living room, headlined by the brand’s largest-ever TV, the 86-inch Q86-QE PRO.

Also featuring two other Quantum Edition models, the Q65-QE PRO and Q55-QE PRO, the massive Q86-QE PRO is the largest TV PRISM+ has in its lineup, and likely the largest TV most would have in their homes. While an 86″ TV might seem overkill, I decided that it would take its place at the centre of my home cinematic experience.

Only upon receiving the TV can you truly appreciate how big it is, and you need to start thinking about how everything else is going to look in comparison. Suddenly my Sonos Beam soundbar looked way too small in comparison and I started entertaining thoughts on getting a bigger soundbar to match.

While you can choose to have the PRISM+ Q86-QE PRO sit on your media console, you will need one that can accommodate the sheer size of the TV. I chose to wall mount it instead – a process that was completed quickly and efficiently. Do keep in mind that a new wall mount will likely be required. Moving from a 75″ TV to the bigger 86″ meant that I couldn’t re-use the existing wall mount.

Visually, the PRISM+ Q86-QE PRO is consistent with the brand’s other offerings. It features the same zero-bezel design with one key difference – an integrated microphone that you can use to manage your goggle assistant.

The PRISM+ Q86-QE PRO is fully compatible with existing Smart Home configurations with its upgraded Hands-Free Voice Control with in-built microphones and Google Assistant. The far-field microphone easily picks up your voice from across the room without any hassle.

While the previous editions were integrated with Google Assistant as well, the integrated microphone allows you to do a couple more things with the Google Assistant, such as turning the TV on with voice commands. For those that prefer their privacy, there is a hard switch that allows you to turn off the microphone.

The biggest, and most important improvement, when compared to the previous models is the incorporation of the improved Quantum Color backlight technology that, accompanied with Dolby Vision’s HDR technology, delivers a wider colour gamut for a more vibrant, richer and brighter visual experience.

Dolby Vision certified, the image reproduction on the Q86-QE PRO is definitely a cut above the previously reviewed Prism+ Q75 Android TV. The colours are visibly more vibrant and deeper than the previous model. Movies and games are more dynamic and you definitely get a more immersive experience when watching sports.

The PRISM+ Q86-QE PRO also features Dolby Atmos-certified speakers. The sound is clear and good enough, however, much like any other TV, I always recommend a separate audio system and never rely on TV speakers.

While the 4k UHD panel is sharp and clear, at 86″ the visual quality of your source becomes all the more important. 4K UHD and Dolby Vision quality look great on the TV. Full HD (1080p) content looks good as well. However, if your content is below Full HD quality your viewing experience might be worse off than a smaller TV as the imperfections and artefacts become all the more obvious on the massive screen.

With regards to inputs, the Q86-QE PRO retains the HDMI 2.0 standard (4 ports) as the previous models and is still unable to support the smoother 120Hz content, from next-generation gaming consoles, using the HDMI 2.1 standard. While games still remain sharp, clear and responsive at 60Hz, they’re just not 120Hz smooth.

The new Quantum Edition Android TVs from Prism+ are definitely an upgrade from previous models. However, just as there is an obvious difference between the older panels and the new QE panels, the new panels still fall behind the clarity that can be achieved by OLED panels.

However, priced at SGD$2,999 for the 86-inch model, it is a fraction of the price of an OLED TV of the same size which can easily cost more than SGD$10,000.

While the PRISM+ Q86-QE PRO might not be able to deliver the most pristine image an OLED TV can, or have HDMI 2.1, its price and the delivered quality make it an excellent option for anyone looking to have a massive TV in their living room. The price to performance ratio makes it a no-brainer purchase.

For added value, the Q Series PRO Android TVs will also come preloaded with 12 months of free content from streaming platforms such as Viu and iQiyi.