TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair – A Blend of Affordability and Comfort

Good design
Comfortable and sturdy
Great price point
Armrests only offer vertical adjustments
The felt padding on the armrests are unlikely to be as durable as other materials

In the diverse world of gaming chairs, finding the perfect blend of style, comfort, and affordability can often feel like a quest of its own. Enter the TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair, a contender that is a strong challenger with its ergonomic design and thoughtful features.

First impressions matter, and the Swift X Pro doesn’t disappoint. It sports the racing/gaming look that we’re all used to and it is available in a variety of colors, including Grey, Red, Brown, Black, Stealth, Dawn, and Dusk – something for everyone, whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or prefer something more understated.


The chair’s dimensions (71.5cm L x 71.5cm W x 132.5cm H) are well-sized to fit most, and it is built with a design material mix of PU Leather and Velour.

Comfort is where the Swift X Pro truly shines. The expansive backrest and generously sized seat base are engineered for prolonged comfort, allowing you to immerse in your gaming or work sessions without the usual discomfort. There was no need to break in the chair. It was comfy from the first sit.

The wide seat base, in particular, offers ample room that ensures you’re comfortable no matter how long you’re seated. This spacious design, coupled with the chair’s ergonomic contour, makes it a haven for those marathon sessions.


Stability is another hallmark of the Swift X Pro. The chair’s robust frame construction, heavy-duty nylon base, and Class 4 SGS Certified Hydraulics system work in harmony to provide a foundation that’s both stable and well-balanced.

Whether leaning back to enjoy a game or hunching over a deadline, the chair remains steadfast, ensuring your focus remains uninterrupted by any wobbles or shifts.

Adjustability in gaming chairs is crucial for providing a tailored seating experience, and the Swift X Pro offers some flexibility in this regard. The foam-padded height-adjustable armrests ensure your arms are supported and comfortable. However, it’s worth noting that these armrests only offer vertical adjustments.


While this provides a basic level of comfort, those familiar with TTRacing’s lineup might miss the “4D adjustments” available on other models, which allow for more personalized arm positioning.

The choice of materials on the Swift X Pro also sparks a mixed reaction. The chair’s use of PU Leather and Velour for the lumbar pillow speaks to its commitment to luxury and comfort. Yet, the felt finish on the armrests has me on the fence.


While initially comfortable, there’s a concern about how well this material will hold up over time, especially considering the wear and tear typical of regular use. This choice might not appeal to everyone, particularly those prioritising durability in their gaming chair materials.

At SGD 279, the TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair presents a very good value proposition and the price point makes the Swift X Pro an attractive option for gamers and professionals looking for premium quality without the premium price tag.


The TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair is a compelling option for anyone in the market for a gaming chair that combines ergonomic design with affordability. Its expansive and roomy seat base, coupled with the chair’s overall stability, sets it apart from competitors.


While the limited adjustability of the armrests and the choice of felt material might give some pause, these are relatively minor issues when weighed against the chair’s many strengths.

For those seeking a comfortable, stylish, and budget-friendly gaming chair, the TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair is certainly worth considering.