13 Superheroes With Mythic Origins

Angela (1993)
11) Angela
Originally introduced in the pages of Spawn during Neil Gaiman’s run on the series, Angela has been the point of much confusing legal problems….

However, in recent years she has not only been made part of the Marvel universe, but is also revealed to be a daughter of Odin (seriously, this guy and Zeus needa keep it in their pants) and the half-sister of Thor.

Not only does her new origin stem from Nordic myth, parts of her original Image origins have been retained, identifying her as an angel of sorts.

Devi (2006)
12) Devi
Created and produced right here in Asia, Devi is a divine-powered superhero actings as an incarnation of the Hindu deity, Durga.

While there have been multiple Devis over the eras, the comics follows the latest one—Tara Mehtra, a young woman clueless of the fact that the warrior Goddess is reborn within her body.

Also, be sure to check out her crossover with Witchblade!
Devi & Witchblade

Batman (1939)
13) Batman
What he said.

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