13 Superheroes With Mythic Origins

Wonder Woman (1941)
03) Wonder Woman
Based on the silver age comics, Diana Prince was initially a clay baby and was blessed with life and the traits of deities, such as: the strength of Hercules, speed of Hermes, beauty of Aphrodite (certainly explains Gal Gadot), and wisdom of Athena.

And as if having all these powers wasn’t already badass enough, Wonder Woman is also a skilled martial artist and a World War 2 warrior!

Aquaman (1941)
04) Aquaman
As the successor to the Greek god Poseidon (and sometimes interpreted as a descendant), Arthur Curry is mythical in more way than one. He is, after all, named for the legendary King Arthur of Camelot and even wielded the famed Excalibur for some time.

As a part Atlantean, and king of the undersea nation, Aquaman’s powers include the telepathic power to control aquatic life (which morons like to spoof as just ‘talking to fish’), in addition to vast superhuman strength, durability, agility and senses.

And before you joke about him telepathically communicating with a tuna sandwich, remember that even Superman rather not be punched by him.

Phantom Stranger (1952)
05) Phantom Stranger
This guy is actually strange because not only does he have multiple possible origins, but none of them are actually confirmed (depending on which bloody reboot DC’s adhering to).

Regardless, almost all of the origins agree on one thing: the Phantom Stranger is a man from the time of Jesus who, in some way, either offended God or one of his angels and incurred some holy whoop-ass.

While the recent New 52 reboot seemed to have confirmed him as Judas, it remains to be seen if that’ll continue into the recent post-Convergence status quo.

Thor (1962)
06) Thor
“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of Thor!”

While the character is based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name, Thor was initially integrated into comics as a power set instead of an actual character. Needing to be taught a lesson in humility, Odin has his son’s consciousness trapped within that of a mere mortal, Dr Donald Blake, a medical student with a disability. Discovering Thor’s magical hammer (Mjolnr) in the form of a walking stick, Donald Blake could transform into the god of thunder to fight evil.

While the origins of the character and the Donald Blake/Thor dynamics have been ever-shifting, it remains that the hammer makes the character more than the person himself. Just ask Jane Foster.

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