You Can Now Transfer Your Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos

Facebook's latest tool helps users transfer memories securely and safely in a seamless manner.

Facebook users have been storing memories in the form of photos and videos for almost a decade. Facebook’s latest tool now allows you to transfer these captured moments to Google Photos.

There’s a variety of reasons why you’d want to keep a copy of your photos outside of Facebook – a regular backup, use a another device that allows you to showcase these photos, or maybe even close or change Facebook accounts.

You can now do so without going through the pain of downloading the photos to your device first and then transferring them over. Now all it’ll take are a few simple steps:

  • Under “Your Facebook Information”, selected “View” under “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos”
  • You can then choose a destination (Google Photos) to transfer your photos and/or videos
  • You will be directed to a Google homepage where you will have to enter your login details
  • After that, just confirm the transfer and your photos/videos will be available in your Google Photos!

From its initial pilot in Ireland, the new tool is the result of conversations Facebook has had with policy stakeholders globally on how data portability should be implemented to maximize the benefits while mitigating the risks.

All data which are ported from Facebook to Google will be encrypted and users will be required to re-enter their password on both sides of the transfer.

This new tool is part of Facebook’s work with the Data Transfer Project (DTP), an open-source initiative where Facebook is partnering with other industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Twitter to improve data portability and make it into a reality.

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