Santa Clarita Diet Returns for Season 2 on Netflix

One day you realize that your wife is now a flesh eating zombie, what do you do? Help her in her murderous ways of course.

In Santa Clarita Diet, Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila (Drew Barrymore) are husband and wife realtors leading vaguely discontented lives in the L.A. suburb of Santa Clarita with their teenaged daughter Abby (Liv Hewson), until Sheila goes through a dramatic change sending their lives down a road of death and destruction…but in a good way.

Watching Drew and Barry play a couple of bungling murderers (for all the right reasons of course) has been extremely entertaining in its first season and it looks like fans can expect more of the same very soon.

Picking up right where they left off, Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet finds the Hammonds trying to adapt to Sheila’s now-advanced undead state and her efforts to hold on to her suburban lifestyle and not be defined as just another monster.

Unfortunately, while the family has become much better at murder, the number of missing people in Santa Clarita is starting to pile up and it’s no longer going unnoticed.

Meanwhile, the Hammonds are chasing the source of the virus so they can stop it from spreading and save humanity – which seems important. Through it all, Sheila and Joel are grounded by their unconditional love for one another.

Sure, being undead, or loving someone who is, isn’t always easy, but don’t all relationships have their challenges?

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2, which launches globally on Netflix Friday, March 23rd.

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