Netflix Recommended TVs? See Who Makes the 2019 Cut

Netflix has been rating TVs that best compliment their service. Each year, they take a look at what’s on offer and put out their recommendations for the smart TVs that provide the best performance and are the easiest to use for Netflix (and, ultimately, other streaming services).

As streaming services evolve, Netflix has upped the ante for what it takes to make the list in 2019. The biggest change in criteria this year is the introduction of a feature they call Always Fresh.

This feature ensures that while the TV is “sleeping,” Netflix is still awake. The TV will periodically refresh Netflix in the background, so that the next time you want to watch, it’s ready to go and makes a big difference in the responsiveness.

Some of the other criteria include, TV Instant On – where your TV wakes up instantly and remembers where you were as well as how quick apps launch.

A high-res Netflix Interface, easily accessible Netflix buttons and providing the latest version of the application are evaluated as well.

In 2018, only Smart TVs from LG and Sony made the cut. This year, Netflix is recommending select models from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic that they believe will provide the best experience.

The TVs that met Netflix’s standards are:

Panasonic – GX900 | GX800 | GX750 | GX740 | GX700

Samsung – Q900R | Q90R | Q80R/Q85R | Q75R | Q70R | Q60R | The Frame (2019) | RU8000

SONY – A9G/AG9 | X95G/XG95 | X85G/XG85

So, if you’re a Netflix junkie, you might want to consider a recommended TV.

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