Cosplay Pick of the Week: Golden Age!

Last week we picked out some of the best young cosplayers on the webs. Some might think that cosplay is for the young. This week we’ve gone to the other end of the spectrum to find some of the best, mature cosplayers. These cosplayers show how youth is on the inside and not a number that you keep track of.

First, we have Tomoaki Kohguchi, a very convincing Commander Pixis from Attack on Titan.


Next, photographer Dtjaaaam pictured this adorable couple at the Emerald City Comic Con 2014. They make me wonder how would I would look like if I continued to cosplay into my 50s and beyond… I guess it’s all about choosing an appropriate character.


kirawinter‘s captured the super cute Anna Vasilyevna as Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle.


Phaedra Cook, a food writer and cosplayer, looks really awesome as Phoenix… one of my personal favourite characters.


Sacha Goldberger has photographed a fantastic portfolio of his grandmother in the Super Mamika series.


Finally here’s the cosplayer Neferet‘s mother, with an amazing Classic Batgirl outfit. I hope I look at good at that age.


While we try to provide proper credit where it is due, it’s not always possible. If we haven’t credited the right people for their work, please drop us a line at editorjustsayingasia. If you’d like us to feature your work or someone else’s, drop us a line at the same email for our consideration.


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