20 Indie Comics to Support on FCBD 2020 (Part 2)

The event may be postponed, but the industry keeps churning...

The greater comic book industry and Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) may be in a gridlock thanks COVID-19 and the near global lockdown, but the indie community continues to persist!

So this FCBD, if you’re seated at home wondering what you could do for the comic book industry, here’re 20 indie comics you could support on Kickstarter!

(The first 10 are listed here.)

FATE: Fight for Idriss
FATE: Fight for Idriss Kickstarter Campaign
The first part of a trilogy that follows a heroine fighting for her city in a dystopian future, Fate is a brilliant display of Afrofuturism in art!

The campaign ends on May 7 2020 at 6:22AM

CANVAS Kickstarter Campaign
A unique risograph comic, Canvas follows a young painter struggling to find her muse.

The campaign ends on May 14 2020 at 12:32 AM


A hilarious and action-packed throwback to classic superhero comics of the 80’s, Super Team International ’88 promises no decompression, no crossovers, and no anti-heroes!

The campaign ends on May 14 2020 at 1:30AM

Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead

Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead continues the cyberpunk adventures of soldier-for-hire Syd Kiowa, empath Avina, and droid pilot Rags as they fight a mysterious threat from another dimension.

The campaign ends on May 14 2020 at 8:05PM

Apex: Cybernetic Samurai Owl
Apex Kickstarter Campaign
A cybernetic owl created as a weapon breaks free from his creators, learns the ways of the Samurai and becomes a hero in the distant future of Japan. Seriously, what else do you want from a comic?

The campaign ends on May 22 2020 at 3:51AM


Originally serialised on their site, Deadskins! sees 2 of their 5 issues remastered in the graphic novel format following a Harvard-educated dandy and his blind, drunk companion are all that stand between the Old West and an Undead Apocalypse!

The campaign ends on May 23 2020 at 12:59PM

Project Axis

Project Axis goes full Bourne with a man born again in the sands of New Mexico. Ignorant of everything, including his own past, he is pursued by a company that doesn’t exist (on paper). Now, he must not only get to the bottom of what this faceless corporation wants, but also the latent abilities that lie in his bloodstream.

The campaign ends on May 31 2020

QUARANTINE – 1 Story, 28 Artists!

A 40-page one-shot comic story with a different incredible artist every page, Quarantine boasts 28 artists, each tackling different pages of the story!

The campaign ends on June 2 2020 at 2:01AM

Iron Lung+ Kickstarter Campaign
A collection of fragments and events put together into a short story, Iron Lung+ seeks to deliver and experience where much is left to the reader’s imagination, taking you deeper into a universe where the creator’s art takes place.

The campaign ends on June 10 2020 at 3:46PM

Dark Heaven Girl

Dark Heaven Girl is an ambitious effort by writer Drayton W. Jones. A follow-up to his own unproduced screenplay, the story follows Hannah, a young girl kept against her will in a futuristic government facility. Subjected to various “treatments,” a horrific discovery becomes the key to her survival. The rewards to this complain includes a digital copy of said screenplay so readers to fully appreciate the story.

The campaign ends on June 11 2020 at 11:59AM