Zoff – Leading Chain From Japan Opens Flagship Store In Singapore

Zoff, the leading innovative eye-wear chain from Japan, has opened its first store in Singapore, at Orchard Central.

Zoff is no stranger to the people of Japan, and China, where the chain has established its presence with more than 200 stores. The eyewear specialist, renowned for its speed of service and quality products, has firm plans to expand its footprint into Southeast Asia and cater to the growing demand for fashionable and functional eye-wear in the region.

Launched in 2001 as the first fast fashion eye-wear chain out of Japan, Zoff has been wooing customers with its quick turnaround time during purchase. Depending on certain specifications such as lens type or prescription, customers can expect to collect their glasses within 30 minutes of placing their order.

Teruhiro Ueno, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer of Zoff said, “We are very pleased to open our first store in Southeast Asia here in Singapore and are already planning for more outlets here in the near future. Singapore is an excellent market for us and gives us an opportunity to bring value through our quality service and affordability that is visible in our signature range of eyewear.”

Zoff incorporates both craftsmanship and the latest technology into its extensive range of eye-wear products. The Zoff SMART frames feature state-of-the-art lightweight plastic, making it comfortable yet durable. Glasses with the SMART frames are extremely flexible and difficult to break. Another innovative development, marrying design and functionality from Zoff, is the specialized sports glasses made from environmentally friendly materials.

Aside from its frames, Zoff also offers high-precision lenses made by world-class manufacturers with a focus on eye care. Close attention is paid to the safety and durability of the lenses. The Zoff PC for example, effectively cuts out the blue light that emanates from the liquid crystal screens of personal computers, smartphones and reduces glare that causes eye fatigue.

“In addition to our strong focus on quality eye-wear, we also make it a point to constantly evolve to cater to the changing needs of our customers. We place an emphasis on customer service and we frequently organise internal rewards and training programmes for our staff to encourage better quality service as well as to contribute to their professional development.”

All Zoff eye-wear comes with a one-year warranty on frames and six months on lenses. In addition, adjustment of eye-wear and cleaning can be done free of charge at any time. As part of their commitment to stay fresh and innovative to serve their customers, Zoff will bring in new frames (collections) every two weeks to add to their wide selection of over 1,200 frames in their stores.

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