The Illusionists 2022 Featured

The Illusionists are a Spectacle to Behold!

So catch them at the Sands Theatre before they disappear!

Forget the Avengers and Justice League (not that anyone really remembers Justice League, I guess) but there’s a new team of amazing super-individuals and they’re right at Marina Bay Sands: The Illusionists are back at the hallowed halls of Sands Theatre with a show to stun and dazzle its audience!

Last seen in 2016 before they mysteriously disappeared (they probably just moved on to the next country in their tour via airplane), The Illusionists have re-assembled for their famous, family-friendly live show! Gracing the the holy month (for kids) of June, The Illusionists make for a perfect holiday treat for the family. Prepare yourself to join a global audience who have been spellbound by this fantastic stage classic designed to thrill, amaze, amuse and bemuse!

Featuring the talents of master magician Luis Dematos, the unforgettable Enzo Weyne, the card-manipulating Hyunjoon Kim, the fashionably designed stylings of Sos & Victoria Petrosyan, the deceptive James More, the intense warrior Aaron Crow, and the disarming escapologist Andrew Basso, The Illusionists are more than just masters of their craft–their deft wit and sharp humour make for an all-rounded session of entertainment, keeping you on the edge of your seat, or thrown back in wonder!

Performing at Marina Bay Sands’ Sands Theatre until the 17th of June, with shows every Thursday to Sunday, running at a magic-filled 90 minutes.

Tickets can be gotten via SISTIC or the Marina Bay Sands site.