Rockweller Band I Believe

RockWeller Continues to Entertain Amidst the Lockdown

Singaporean rock band RockWeller drops new single "I Believe"

It’s not easy sitting at home. At some point, even Netflix seems a little dry. And as hard as it is for us audience, it’s even harder for the content creators–many of whom have been cut off from their usual resources and are even facing a loss of gigs. So what could be more rock & roll to essentially say “screw it” and continue making music anyways?

I Believe

Singaporean rock act RockWeller certainly agree, and will be dropping their next music video tomorrow at 3p (GMT+8) on YouTube.

The song itself’s already up and can be listened to on Spotify if you’re looking to memorise the lyrics so you can sing-a-long to the video like all hardrockers are known for.

So keep your eyes peeled for this new video as you incessantly refresh the YouTube homepage to catch this video!! Or, you know, just click on that link at 3pm tomorrow.

About RockWeller

With over 200 performances in Singapore’s live music scene, RockWeller’s co-founding members Joseph and Olga made the move to write their own material which was what was to become their first EP “Graceland”, a collection of five songs and three official music videos, all launched on the same day, 16th March 2019.

RockWeller has since release two more singles “Darlin'” and “Hate! Pain! Anger! Blame!”.

The band is currently recording new singles “I Believe”, “Wake Up!”, “Mama (I’m Not Coming Home)” and their latest creation “The Cure”.

Within a year of their EP release, RockWeller has performed in Qatar and Philippines and most recently, opened for Metal Hammer award winner Lovebites from Japan in January 2020. Their next show was to open Singapore’s RockFest II on 5 March 2020 with Whitesnake and Scorpions on the same bill.