PUMA and Von Dutch Launch Throwback Collection

PUMA’s latest collaboration with Von Dutch gives us the ultimate throwback collection designed for self-expression.

Von Dutch emerged as an early-2000’s icon, making their mark on American culture with apparel and accessories donned by the biggest names in music and Hollywood.

With the comeback of ‘00s trend, the collection celebrates the Von Dutch signature style and domination of the early 2000’s era.

In the PUMA x Von Dutch collaboration, expect to find interchangeable design elements from Von Dutch combined with classic PUMA styles.

The collection is inspired by the ability to create your own world through fashion, tapping into the cultural subconscious to mix and match pieces and express personal style – making it perfect for all.

Product designs feature nostalgic details like pops of plaid, pink, and a material mix of leather and mesh inspired by the iconic Von Dutch baseball caps.

The PUMA x Von Dutch collection is priced at SGD $59 – $189.