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The R15 is More Than the Oppo You Know

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Beautifully designed with wide AMOLED screen
AI camera functions
Notable performance and interface
The Bad
Camera quality falls short
The notch

Past an initially arduous time breaking into the mobile phone industry, Oppo seems to be garnering a noticeable amount of support with its cost-effective versions of Android devices as close to Apple as can get. Whether that is a good or bad thing, the Oppo R15 Pro brings its own perks to fight for.

Look and Feel

The aesthetic of the Oppo R15 is truly magnificent, with a 19:9 corning gorilla glass screen that leaves very minimal bezel on the phone’s surface. On the back of the phone is a subtle gradient that gleams tastefully underneath a layer of glass–enough even for the minimalist to gape at. Given that my colour choices almost never stray from black, I’d say the classy Nebula Purple is somewhat of a mini milestone. The R15 comes in Rouge Red, Frosted White, and Nebula Purple Colours.

Oppo R15 Colours

The screen’s size is a definite reward here, complete with full-screen multitasking abilities. With glass that’s on both sides of the phone, the device feels like it’s sleek, modernistic, and worth showing off.

The R15 boasts a new, large battery with VOOC fast-charging technology, allowing for up to two hours of talk time with a mere 5 minutes of charging through its micro-USB port. However, convenience is somewhat hindered by the lack of wireless chargeability, which recent advancements may have gotten you feeling used to. On a whole, you’re looking at an average of 11 hours of wholesome battery life.

R15 User Interface

The interface of the R15 is that of an Android’s with an iPhone’s user fluidity. The lack of shortcut keys (now replaced with swipes) is an integral part of how extended and vast the phone’s glass screen feels. With that said, any discomfort can be countered with an opt-in.


Unlocking is fluidity at its best, with in-built 3D face recognition and a fingerprint sensor that’s placed snug next to the rear camera. As far as phablets go, the positioning of the sensor doesn’t require any unnatural movements. Face recognition works in an instant, so your phone unlocks the very moment you pick it up.

The phone also features a feed interface remnant of Samsung’s. This allows you to keep track of your appointments and news that matters. Succinct and ample, this is a feature you’ll most probably end up using for its lack of frills.

Built with a MediaTek Helio P60 CPU, the processor of the R15 is meant to perform similarly to the Pro’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. There’s a Game Acceleration feature that helps you finetune your phone’s processes to best allow for your gaming experience. Though nothing remarkable, I encountered no lags through high-performance gaming, with the phone heating up to a bare lukewarm.

Oppo Game Acceleration

The Camera

Oppo has always used its cameras as a marketing front. With stunning selfie cameras and modifying abilities, the brand is truly an influencer dream. The R15 sees the brand’s addition of AI technology. Capable of identifying ‘scenes’, the R15 automatically toggles itself between camera modes to get you the best image possible.

Images produced by the dual lens rear camera definitely don’t disappoint, mostly living up to focus expectations, except in low-light conditions. Don’t expect the same saturated colours as competitors like Samsung offer though — images on the R15 come a little washed out, though crisp.

Competitive and Generous

On a whole, it looks like the R15 introduces qualities that give shape to Oppo’s identity. Features are compelling and offer outstanding value for the phone’s mid-price range, and the brand deserves more than blind comparison to the OnePlus. You’re guaranteed a pretty decent Android phone, and if you’ve been looking for a chance to jump out of industry-monopolising brands, this is a promising time.

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