Everybody’s Welcome: New Balance Introduces 2021 Pride Program and Collection

New Balance introduces its latest initiatives in commemoration of Pride 2021, entitled “Everybody’s Welcome,” which includes a collection of footwear and apparel, and two short films that feature the story of the Front Runners New York Pride Run.

Inspired by the global LGBTQIA+ community and rooted in vibrancy and playfulness, the 2021 PRIDE collection features art by queer Hong Kong visual artist, Zoie Lam.

The footwear and apparel in the collection present original designs by Zoie that are emblematic of happiness and optimism.

Her genderless characters are quirky and kindhearted; exemplifying warmth and underlining our belief that everybody is welcome, no matter how you identify.

“At New Balance, we believe that product can be purposeful in driving positive change and creating healthy
dialog,” says Kristen Mackenzie, Sr. Marketing Manager for New Balance.

“Zoie Lam’s core value is positivity and she celebrates and encourages ambiguity and fluidity through her art. As a brand, our hope is that this collection will help foster connections with each other, regardless of our differences”.

The vibrant collection includes a range of apparels and shoes from singlet (S$45), graphic tees (S$49), shorts (S$69), anorak outerwear ($129), to the Fresh Foam Tempo running shoe (S$179), a classic 57/40 (S$179) and sandal (S$69).

Let’s Talk Pride

“Let’s Talk Pride” is a Singapore-based campaign video. Set against a discussion around the 2021 PRIDE collection, the participants in the room eventually come to the realisation that ignorance is the reason we need Pride.

The moderated session is executed on sticky notes, which form word clouds of the candid biases of the participants.

Hosted on New Balance Singapore’s social media platforms, ‘Let’s Talk Pride’ aims to reaffirm the importance of an open, inclusive space for conversation where ‘Everybody’s Welcome’.

It aims to prompt that silence and ignorance towards the LGBTQIA+ community is a key contributor to the problem, personified by the individuals in the video.

The plot twist happens post-campaign when the featured individuals become the influencers for the 2021 PRIDE collection on both their individual social platforms and on New Balance Singapore’s.

Front Runners Pride Run Film

On a global scale, New Balance will be launching a short film created in conjunction with Front Runners New York that tells the story of the historic 40-year-old Front Runners Pride Run.

Directed by Rose Bush, Director of Photography for the Academy Award-winning film “Colette”, it highlights Urie Dvorozniak, a nonbinary New Yorker and college graduate longing for community and personal healing as they work to embrace their identity, build confidence and re-imagine their potential – illustrating the importance of being able to compete on one’s own terms.

The collection will launch globally and on www.newbalance.com.sg beginning on June 3, 2021.