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Submissions Open for the Lightbox Film Festival!

Dropbox Teams-Up with The Fandom Menace and Justsaying.ASIA to Host Online Film Festival Amidst Global Pandemic

Submissions for Lightbox Film Festival are now open!

Above all else, the creative spirit of humanity cannot be suppressed. Not even by a global pandemic. It is in recognition of this desire to leave an indelible impression upon an audience that has inspired Dropbox to to empower creatives with an online film festival.

Entitled Lightbox, this wholly online film festival is a result of Dropbox’s collaboration with Singaporean arts non-profit The Fandom Menace Ltd. Submissions are now open at the Lightbox microsite and will close on the 31st of January 2021.

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Reaching out to local filmmakers and their kin during this period of suppressed physical and outdoor activity, Lightbox seeks to create a platform to celebrate the persistence of the creative spirit.

While online film festival, before and as a result of the pandemic, are not new, Lightbox is uniquely hosted entirely on the cloud-sharing digital realm of Dropbox. While often perceived as simply a cloud-storage service, Dropbox has evolved in the past decade to serve an increasingly digital world–and it is a service to be reckoned with for media personnel.

From cutting to publishing audio and video content, Dropbox’s growing array of synergistic features allows content creators to do the heavy lifting online. And where other household-name contenders are often driven by exclusive features, Dropbox’s third-party inclusive integration capabilities makes it the tool of tomorrow.

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With the festival now open for submissions, Lightbox organising team The Fandom Menace has revealed the finer details regarding film and participant categories.

Entry categories and requirements:
• Individuals may submit as many entries as they wish with a one-time registration fee of $5.
• Youth may submit as many entries as they wish with a one-time registration fee of $5, and may represent their academies if they so wish.
• Companies may submit as many entries as they wish with a $5 submission fee/entry.

Categories of submissions include:
• Fiction
• Documentary
• Microfilm
• Animation
• Music Video
• Concept Trailer

In addition to accepting films already submitted to other festivals, Lightbox will also be accepting films of up to two years old (as of 31st December 2020) to encourage content creators to stay safe amidst this pandemic. Submissions are expected to stay open till the 31st of January 2021.

More information can be found on the Lightbox microsite. Submissions for Lightbox Film Festival are now open!

Announcements regarding the judging panel as well as event and prize sponsors will be announced right here on Justsaying.ASIA!