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Exclusivity is a thing of the past. For decades we’ve chased the absolute inclusivity of of a single service provider—a platform promising to be the one-stop home for all our professional needs. A platform that doesn’t needlessly homogenise the nuanced functionalities of a professional’s job scope. A platform that allows users to synergise the many diverse applications we employ to tackle our many diverse needs.

The future of digital applications lies not in solitude but in synergy.

And Dropbox threads the fine line between housing the basic necessities one would need from a cloud-storage service, and the flexibility of integrating programmes that are already integral in our day-to-day lives, be it professional or personal.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud
Google Cloud integrates with Dropbox

In this highly commercialised and corporate world, things often seem to be an “either or” situation. If you’re using one service a competing brand would often be considered out-of-bounds. But Dropbox and Google Cloud break grounds with their cohesive approach to cloud storage.

With the integration of Google Cloud into your Dropbox, you can now not only store but also create and share new Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from your Dropbox account. You can also receive updates on these documents as Dropbox notifications, streamlining your work process.

You can also sync files between your Gmail and Dropbox accounts, making files accessible through both portals. In addition to allowing you to save and retrieve files, you can also preview and comment on them without having to download files.

And who said we couldn’t all get along.


Publish your film through Dropbox with Vimeo!

Over the years, Vimeo’s reputation as the go-to hosting site for independent filmmakers has grown. Where YouTube may retain the sensation and the views, everyone knows that Vimeo’s the place to go if you’re looking for a serious audience for your content.

After all, even The Batman director Matt Reeves has chosen Vimeo to unveil a better look at the upcoming 2021 film featuring the Caped Crusader.

And with Dropbox’s Extensions, Vimeo’s integrative capabilities make it all that more efficient. Directly publish your videos for the world to see from Dropbox, or even use the joint feature to comment on the video all without having to download it.

And if you’re concerned about the aesthetics of your presentation (let’s face it, you are), you can also add custom brand colours, logos, and even select viewer engagement tools.


Edit videos from Dropbox through WeVideo

Sharing and publishing content less than half the battle in the arduous journey of content creation. With so much of the working pipeline finding itself moved online it is inevitable that video editing programmes too will be required.

With the WeVideo Dropbox extension, you can also create and share videos right from the comfort of Dropbox! Just upload footage or images into your Dropbox and access it via WeVideo.

Welcome to Lightbox!

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Lightbox is an online film festival featuring entries curated by Dropbox!

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