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STRIKING! Welcome to the Lightbox Film Festival

An Online Film Festival Powered by Dropbox

Submissions for Lightbox Film Festival are now open!

Film festivals, like many other events, have fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a global society, the impact of this virus has been unprecedented, and no matter where in the world you are losses have been suffered, ambitions have been paused, and some dreams have been dashed.

It’s also been an era of opportunity. One that allows us to re-think and re-envision how the world could continue spinning online. It is with this in mind that Dropbox and The Fandom Menace have conceptualised Lightbox.

An entirely online film festival, Lightbox is an opportunity for creatives to continue doing what they do best: create. From submission to proliferation, to viewing and judging, and to the eventual point of celebration, the entirety of Lightbox will exist solely in the digital space. This allows you to continue being creative while staying safe.

Dropbox has long prided itself in being a modern workspace designed to reduce the clutter of day-to-day operations, allowing you to streamline your objectives and focus on what matters. While this has been an integral part of the operations of many commercial and private entities over the last decade, Dropbox has now set its sights on providing the same benefits for artists.

Collaborating with local non-profit arts organisation, The Fandom Menace (known for their recent Singaporean comic book Kickstarter), the Lightbox film festival is an original initiative that seeks to provide an outlet for creatives affected by the current pandemic… and beyond.

Lightbox is open to media students, independent talents, and production houses seeking to submit short films of varying genre produce over the last year. In recognition of the ongoing limitations wrought by the COVID-19 preventive measures, the film festival accepts submissions that have already been submitted to other festivals.

Submission categories currently include fiction, documentaries, animation, music videos, and under 60-second microfilms. All submissions will be made to Dropbox’s cloud storage, with viewing, voting, and judging occurring directly on the platform. With Dropbox’s media-friendly range of third-party app integrations, the digital scope of the Lightbox film festival is endless.

More importantly, it allows for the continued exploration and recognition of many creative individuals and organisations who may have otherwise lost such opportunities this year.

And while the journey of a creative never truly halts, Lightbox aims to ensure that at least one more hurdle is reduced.

Welcome to Lightbox!

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Lightbox is an online film festival featuring entries curated by Dropbox!

To find out more about Lightbox, a wholly online film festival powered by Dropbox, visit our registration page now!

This piece on the many video-friendly features of Dropbox is jointly brought to you by Dropbox, The Fandom Menace Ltd., and Justsaying.ASIA