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Forever Crazy – Crazy Horse Paris is Sexy, Sensuous and Sophisticated

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The Good
Iconic numbers from the show in Paris
Artful nudity
The Forever Lounge
The Bad
Angles. For the best experience, sit centrally.

The iconic Parisian cabaret, Crazy Horse makes it’s way to Asia for the first time, with its Forever Crazy show, and I’m so glad to have caught it.

For the last 65 years, 20 million people all over the world have been drawn to the feminine beauty and cheeky artistic charm of Crazy Horse Paris. I can see why.

Forever Crazy, conceived in 1951 as a tribute to Alain Bernardin, the founder of Crazy Horse, is a slightly modern take on the cabaret’s artistic heritage while adding a touch of humour and sophistication.

From it’s opening number, ‘God Save Our Bare Skin’, a cheeky play of words referencing the bear-skin hats. Yes, the dancers are nude, but that very quickly becomes nothing more than a side note as the masterful use of lighting and projection clad the beautiful ladies on stage.

However, due to the use of mirrors and lighting, for the best experience, you should sit as centrally as possible. If not, some of the effect is lost.

Fashion aficionados will also be able to spot costumes designed by world renowned names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Emmanuel Ungaro, Chantal Thomass and the iconic red-soled shoes from celebrity shoe creator Christian Louboutin.

The Forever Crazy show brings 10 sensual, classically trained dancers from around the world as they perform the “Best Of” selection of acts from the repertoire of the Crazy Horse Paris cabaret.

Robert Muraine, of “So You Think You Can Dance Fame”, brings his popping-style routine as part of the show’s ‘male-act’ as well. Thankfully, he is fully clothed.

To add to the ambiance and authenticity, the Mastercard Theateres themselves have been transformed into mirror the cabaret style lounge in Crazy Horse Paris salon where a bottle of Bottega Prosecco or Moscato will be included; the Forever Lounge.

If the show itself is not enough, party on after the show, at Ce La Vi, by simply flashing your ticket at the door for a complimentary entry and drink.

Don’t buy tickets to see a nude show. But tickets to relax and be entertained. Ladies, Forever Crazy is the perfect excuse to ditch your hubby/boyfriend and have a classy night out with your girlfriends… and of course, some bubbly.

Forever Crazy – Crazy Horse Paris, presented by Base Entertainment Asia, will play in Singapore from 11 – 22 Oct 2017 at the Mastercard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands.

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