Edelweiss – Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore Launches New Premium Wheat Beer

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore is bringing a refreshing Alpine experience to Singapore with the launch of a new premium wheat beer from the Alps – Edelweiss.

The launch taps into the fast-growing demand for wheat beer. The wheat beer segment has been growing rapidly across Asia, particularly in Singapore, fueled by surging consumer demand for novel and more premium offerings.

Following the successful launch of Edelweiss in Korea and three other Asian markets, the introduction of Edelweiss in Singapore is set to bring a whole new cool Alpine taste experience to local beer drinkers seeking variety and quality wheat beer.

“We are excited to extend Edelweiss’ footprint to Singapore as nowhere else is the demand for wheat beers more apparent. Locally, the category has expanded by a compound annual growth rate of 291% over five years and the value of the segment is expected to hit S$33 million by 2022,” said Andy Hewson Managing Director, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

The wheat beer category is poised for further growth and the launch of Edelweiss is a strategic step to unlock a new taste experience fueled by the growing popularity of non-lager beers amongst consumers, especially women.”

“Through Edelweiss, we hope to inspire Singaporeans to discover the world of beer beyond lager and unlock more drinking occasions to enjoy this premium wheat beer from the Alps.”

Born in the heights of the Austrian Alps and brewed using a 375-year-old recipe, Edelweiss is one of the world’s first-ever wheat beers.

Featuring the finest natural ingredients, pure Alpine water and a hint of mountain herbs including sage, coriander and elderflower, each sip of Edelweiss is aromatic and reinvigorating – just like taking that first deep breath of pure mountain air.

A delicate wheat beer, Edelweiss is refreshingly smooth and easy-to-drink, with distinctive golden cloudiness, and a subtle fruity aftertaste.

More than a wheat beer, Edelweiss brings a truly refreshing experience inspired by the naturally cool alpine spirit of the snow-capped peaks in Europe where Edelweiss was born. While travelling may not be on the cards right now, a sip of Edelweiss will transport Singaporeans from the warm humid tropics to the snowy peaks of the Alps.

Edelweiss premium wheat beer is now available at $14.10 in 4-can pack at all major supermarkets, select e-retailers, restaurants and bars.