CP Launches #DOYOUWONTON Shrimply Irresistible Limited-Time Promotion

For 16 years now, CP’s halal-certified Shrimp Wonton has been the WON frozen food item that brings a TON of happiness to Singaporean families.

Delicious and comforting, this easy-to-cook wonton is a must-have ingredient in the freezer. It is the go-to ingredient many home cooks use to replicate dishes such as wonton noodles, wonton with peanut scallion sauce and tteokbokki wonton.

You can also level up up your instant noodles with this one ingredient! As part of its ongoing “Say I Want Wonton #DoYouWONTON” campaign, CP has launched a Shrimply Irresistible limited-time promotion from now till 8 September 2021 — get any 2 CP Shrimp Wonton Boxes at just S$9.95 (UP S$13.00).

For each wonton, fresh shrimp is encased within a piece of delicate pastry skin. Each dumpling is wrapped and pleated by hand. CP’s advanced freezing technology helps to retain the quality in taste and preserve the nutrients in each dumpling as well.

Enjoy CP’s Shrimp Wonton in six different offerings:

  • CP Shrimp Wonton Box (154g) (UP S$6.50)
  • CP Jumbo Wonton (UP S$9.90)
  • CP Shrimp Wonton Bowl (UP S$3.90)
  • CP Shrimp Wonton In Tom Yum Soup (UP S$3.90)
  • CP Shrimp Wonton Noodle With Vegetable (UP S$4.95)
  • CP Shrimp Wonton With Sesame Sauce (FairPrice exclusive) (UP S$6.50)

CP’s offerings are available at CPShopz, RedMart and all major supermarkets.