5 Singaporean YouTube Channels Worth the Subscription

At All That Matters 2018, media companies and event organisers agree that audiences are, unsurprisingly, constantly seeking new entertainment content. A newly emerging trend, however, is that Asian audience are seeking for more local content. And with the advent of platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, wannabe content creators can now easily push out high-quality content to a wide audience.

In Singapore, while some YouTube channels have found tremendous success using local lingo and risqué content in supposedly comedic skits catered to an audience whom I can only fathom must hate themselves, there are some out there producing some real quality content.

Here are five actually talented local content creators worth keeping an eye on.

JUICE Singapore

JUICE Singapore is an online site focusing on music, lifestyle and fashion. Their YouTube channel holds a variety of content, including music, gaming, and interviews. However, the highlight is the JUICE Sessions, where various artistes come in to a studio, recording live and allowing them to showcase their immense skill.


Yeo Tze Hern is the mastermind behind YEOLO, filled with his travel experiences, diaries, and comedy skits. His eye for cinematography is astute, as can be seen in his travel diaries. The true treasure here lies in his comedy skits, providing ironic commentary coupled with true blue Singaporean snark.


Preetipls never takes herself too seriously, and the channel is all the better for it. Filled with amusing characters, witty humour, and Mandarin subtitles that tell a different story, there is truly nothing Preetipls would not parody. Her writing is filled with local references, and nothing is sacred.

Disco Hue

Disco Hue is one of Singapore’s up and coming bands, enjoying airtime on the radios and recently performing at Baybeats. The music is great, but it’s not all. Disco Hue’s music videos are visual candy, whether it’s their Scott Pilgrim inspired “I’ll Be Waiting”, or their retro-infused “Can’t Be Mine”. Their music is only half the fun.


NotSafeForTV is seriously funny. Singaporean shows are either over-reliant on unique Singapore mannerisms, or utterly devoid of them. The channel strikes a delicate balance between the two, providing something that is uniquely Singapore, but can also be enjoyed without intimate knowledge of the country. In an era where seven seconds skits exist, NotSafeForTV shows off immense production quality and smart writing in their medium-length skits. Certainly, they might be not safe for TV, but it is of immaculate quality.

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