6 Oscar-Nominated Movies to Watch on Disney+

Ahead of The 93rd Annual Oscars ceremony on April 26, prep your watchlist with Disney+ by streaming Disney’s 2021 Oscars contenders, as well as the best of past winners from the 1930s to present.

A frontrunner this year is Searchlight Pictures’ critically acclaimed Nomadland, which will be available to stream exclusively on Star on Disney+ Singapore from April 30, 2021.

Nomadland has received six Academy Awards nominations, including Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role for Frances McDormand and Directing for Chloé Zhao.

Together with Nomadland, Disney+ is home to a variety of Oscars nominees for 2021, including Disney and Pixar’s Onward, Soul, and the animated short Burrow, as well as Disney’s Mulan and The One and Only Ivan.

Here’s a look at this year’s nominees on Disney+:


Following the economic collapse of a company town in rural Nevada, Fern packs her van and sets off on the road exploring a life outside of conventional society as a modern-day nomad.

The third feature film from director Chloé Zhao, Nomadland features real nomads Linda May, Swankie and Bob Wells as Fern’s mentors and comrades in her exploration through the vast landscape of the American West.

Six Oscars nominations:
Best Picture: Frances McDormand, Peter Spears, Dan Janvey, Mollye Asher, Chloé Zhao
Actress in a Leading Role: Frances McDormand
Directing: Chloé Zhao
Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Chloé Zhao
Film Editing: Chloé Zhao
Cinematography: Joshua James Richards


Jamie Foxx leads an all-star cast in this hilarious, heart-filled adventure. Pixar’s Soul introduces Joe, who lands the gig of his life at the best jazz club in town. But one misstep lands Joe in a fantastical place: The Great Before. There, he teams up with Soul 22, and together they find the answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

Three Oscars nominations:
Animated Feature Film: Pete Docter, Dana Murray
Music (Original Score): Jon Batiste, Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor
Sound: Ren Klyce, Coya Elliott, David Parker


When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father.

Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

Two Oscars nominations:
Costume Design: Bina Daigeler
Visual Effects: Sean Faden, Anders Laglands, Seth Maury, Steve Ingram


In Disney and Pixar’s Onward, elf brothers, Ian and Barley, get to spend a day with their late dad and go on a quest aboard Barley’s epic van Guinevere. When their mom Laurel realises her sons are gone, she teams up with the Manticore to find them.

One Oscars nomination:
Animated Feature Film: Dan Scanlon, Kori Rae

The One and Only Ivan

An adaptation of the award-winning book about one very special gorilla, Disney’s The One and Only Ivan is an unforgettable tale about the beauty of friendship, the power of visualisation and the significance of the place one calls home.

One Oscars nomination:
Visual Effects: Nick Davis, Greg Fisher, Ben Jones, Santiago Colomo Martinez


A young rabbit embarks on a journey to dig the burrow of her dreams, despite not having a clue what she’s doing. Rather than reveal to her neighbours her imperfections, she digs herself deeper and deeper into trouble.

After hitting (bed)rock bottom, she learns there is no shame in asking for help.

One Oscars nomination:
Short Film (Animated): Madeline Sharafian, Michael Capbarat

In addition to this year’s Oscar nominees, you can also stream the past winners, including animated features, on Disney+.