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This Intimate Tour of Japan is Only For The Tough

The San'in Quest is an intimate journey through Japan's history that requires travellers to be able to walk about 20 kilometres a day.

There are two types of vacationers in the world. One, whose vacations are just getaways from the rough’n’tough of city life; the people who run away to the joys of a hotel, and are perfectly fine with staying in their rooms. What the hell else did they pay for anyway?

On the other, there’s the brave and the bold vacationer, determined to trawl the edges of the earth for bucket-list scenery and experience. If this is you, Walk Japan’s recent unveiling is worthy of your attention. And while I fall under the former category, I must admit this is somewhat enticing to me.

Izumo Rock Shrine, a destination on the San'in Quest
Izumo Rock Shrine

Walk Japan, the pioneers of guided walking tours of the country, reveals an intimate peek into the enchanting world that is Japan.

Explore Rural Japan

The San’in Quest launching in April 2019, explores the mystical and remote San’in region in west Honshu aside the Sea of Japan.

Akiyoshidai, featuring a plateau of limestone rock, a destination on the San'in Quest
Akiyoshidai, featuring a plateau of limestone rock

Cut out only for the rugged, this 9-day 8-night fully guided walking tour starts in Yamaguchi and ends in Hiroshima. That’s an approximate 126 kilometres.

Image depicts a Google Map screenshot with distance from Yamaguchi to Hiroshima, adding up to 126.8KM.
Take that, hotel-bummers!

The tour ranks a Level 3 on the Walk Japan scale, which requires you to be in good physical health and able to walk 15 to 25 kilometres a day.

Trawl Japan’s main island and progress to roaming the verdant countryside and rugged coast, with a group of 12 people. Traverse along ancient paths as you explore castle towns, picturesque villages, shrines, and the Iwami Ginzan silver mine.

A Time-Travelling Cultural Experience

The tour savours every minute of Japan’s history, beginning in the 16th-century city of Yamaguchi to take you through a fascinating myriad of Japanese history. Through San’in’s almost primordial landscape, and back in time to the nation’s origins at the Izumo Taisha shrine.’

Ancestral homes at Tanabe, a destination on the San'in Quest
Ancestral homes at Tanabe

You can bask in the legacy of ruling and local samurai clans, noticing how their cultural influence lingers on the architecture there–some of which include beautiful castles overlooking the ocean, charming post-towns on ancient highways, and of course… onsen hot springs.

Come back to traditional Japanese ryokans at the end of every day to enjoy tantalising regional cuisine.

End your walk on a bitter-sweet note with a breath of fresh, modern air at Hiroshima – these days, a bustling Japanese city. Don’t worry about getting caught in a timescape though, the onsen hot springs will draw you back to a place where era simply does not matter.

Bust out your new 2019 planner and chart your San’in Quest Tour
Price: From JPY428,000 (SGD$5,317) per person.
2019 dates: April 22-30; November 3-11.

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