Who’s Who – ‘True Damage’, Riot Games’ Music Collective Trends

Riot Games' new music collective True Damage is trending with their new single 'GIANTS'. It's about time you got to know who's who.

The world is no stranger to holographic concerts. Neither is it a stranger to Riot Games (the brains behind League of Legends), or to the musical stars reppin’ League characters in Riot’s new collective: True Damage. Since its music video release for the single ‘GIANTS’ prior to Worlds on Nov 10, True Damage has racked up on an astounding 7 million views on Youtube, and is trending alongside the likes of Selena Gomez and Coldplay.

Riot also debuted the single with an immersive live-and-holographic concert at the opening ceremony for the finals of Worlds, which is the annual League of Legends world championship hosted by Riot. Apart from the astounding visual effects and rigging that were displayed during the performance, there’s some serious stardom behind the True Damage, giving it a shot at lasting longer in online spaces than many of these things do.

Yep, the video for ‘GIANTS’ is that video with more views on its second day than Kanye’s latest single had in five days.

True Damage Skins, Two of Which are Louis Vuitton Designed, and Prestige

From Keke Palmer to Soyeon, each star represents a character, all of which are donned in some new True Damage skins that are hip-hop inspired. Two of the skins are also made in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director of Women’s Collections. I’m interested in hearing what fans of the prestigious fashion brand have to say, but first, here’s exactly who’s who in True Damage.


Soyeon of (G)I-dle is Akali

Soyeon is Akali in League of Legends True Damage

The 21-year-old Soyeon returns after the success of last year’s Riot music collective K/DA, in which she represented in-game character Akali. Akali is the only champion to return with for the second time, and Soyeon’s list of growing talents is almost definitely part of the reason.

Not only is Soyeon a charming rapper/singer of Cube Entertainment’s girl group (G)I-DLE, she is also a songwriter and music producer, making her a wise choice to have on board any musical team. The singer is seen to have an image that is especially apt for the hip-hop imagery of True Damage, perhaps even more so than K/DA’s K-pop girl group-y vibes. She’s definitely got a distinct sense of style in comparison to many other women in the revolutionary Hallyu wave.

Soyeon of (G)I-DLE has STYLE!
I mean, va va voom…

Keke Palmer is Senna

Keke Palmer is Senna in League of ;egends' True Damage.

Fresh off the wave of the “Sorry To This Man” meme is Keke Palmer, actress, songwriter, singer, and host whom many may remember as the starring actress in a Nickelodeon show called True Jackson, VP.

In True Damage, Keke Palmer is Senna, a support champion who has been liberated from the clutches of Thresh’s lantern. While all the champions play relatively equivalent roles in the musical distribution of True Damage, it is Keke or Senna’s strong vocal presence that carries the collective through the anthemic chorus of  True Damage’s first song, ‘GIANTS’.

If it’s in any way trivia-worthy, the champion Senna is married to champion Lucian, who happens to be the character that Soyeon has been training hard at developing. Senna’s one of the two champions who have gotten a Prestige skin designed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

Image result for keke palmer meme sorry to this man
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Thutmose is Ekko, and so is DUCKWRTH

Thutmose and Duckwrth are Ekko in League of Legends' True Damage.

If you don’t already know the names Thutmose (not Egyptian) and DUCKWRTH, you’re probably wondering how to pronounce them, and whether they’re even worth paying attention to. Adding some massive geek cred to their discographies is the fact that the two were the rappers on the remarkable soundtrack of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which featured rappers in the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

The two are character Ekko in True Damage. Ekko is the boy who shattered time, and players of League of Legends may be all too familiar with the champion’s insane ability to turn back time in-game, bringing him back to the position he was in four seconds ago. Ekko, who delivers the rap verses in ‘GIANTS’ is also hailed by fans to be the show-stealing champion in True Damage.

Becky G is Qiyana

Becky G is Qiyana in League of Legends' True Damage.

It’s Trini, the Yellow Ranger; only from the 2017 Power Rangers film which our super SJW sub-editor Ryan found to be an absolute train wreck, maybe even a little too SJW... The 22-year-old Becky G has a strong musical repertoire and has been making music since she was nine years old. And so, it’s no light matter how many differing film, music, and television fanbases that she alone brings to True Damage.

Becky G is Qiyana in True Damage, and Qiyana’s the champion that League of Legends players are going to be grinding their asses for. Qiyana’s True Damage Prestige skin is the one designed with Louis Vuitton, and it’ll cost players 2,000 tokens to purchase.

Yasuo is THE DJ

Yasuo is the DJ in League of Legends' True Damage.

Orchestrating the music of True Damage on no voice actor and a sheer sense of style is Yasuo. Who better than the wind whisperer himself to command the masses and its tunes!

If you like what you’ve heard from Riot, maybe check out this mashup of True Damage‘s “GIANTS” and K/DA‘s “Pop/Stars”!

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