Transformers: The Last Knight Could Transform the Franchise

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The Optimustic Points
Great improvements in story, scripts, and characters
Actually interesting premise that is mostly fulfilled
Megatron receives his coolest look yet
The Pessimustic Points
Movie runs a bit too long due to unnecessary sub-plots
The sequel could get a little messy... I mean, messiER
Why is Megatron still here?!

Much like Pirates of the Caribbean, every announcement of a Transformers movie after the third instalment has been met with cynicism, jest, sheer pain, or optimistic hope. And much like Pirates of the Caribbean, with each passing entry the Transformers movies have found new and innovative ways to further their groundbreaking approach to sucking.

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However, also like Pirates of the Caribbean, the latest Transformers is actually not as bad as its preceding entry. In fact, (and this is where I stop saying “also like Pirates of the Caribbean” so annoyingly because…) unlike Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers: The Last Knight is a pretty entertaining movie that’s definitely an improvement over all its preceding sequels.

Don’t get me wrong–it’s still a collection of messy-as-fuck action sequences, 20 minutes too long, features less than zero character development in supporting characters, uses tropes so clichéd that you would wonder why bother casting new actors at all, and it still introduces a bunch of nameless robots to perform as Optimus fodder.

And why is Megatron still here? At this point, him and Magneto should just merge into Magnetron and have the X-Men and Autobots battle him/them one last time and put a close to it.

Oh shit, that’ll be a GREAT movie!

Anyways… what’s important is that the movie is an undeniably fun collection of all of the above problems that have pretty much become a common plague to all recent blockbusters.

Without the obnoxious characters that every one of these movies have insisted on featuring (though we do risk some obnoxious extras at the beginning), Transformers is actually able to feature a workable blend of humans and robots while using both complementarily. Who knew?!

Even franchise mascot and staple Bumblebee is offered a new lease of back story which will most certainly tie into his upcoming standalone flick next year.

While I was largely intrigued by the presence of the medieval era in the film, I was also wary given the absolute waste of the Dinobots in Age of Extinction. Thankfully, The Last Knight does not suffer from the same mistakes and audiences can expect to be treated to a fair bit of Arthurian-era robot action.

Does “Arthurian-era robot action” sound vaguely sexual to anyone else? ‘Cause that’s not what I meant. I meant robot Dragon action! Yep, still sounds sexual.

Well, I guess if you’re up for some insane robot on robot action, Transformers: The Last Knight is out today!

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