10 Things to Not Miss at STGCC 2015!

The 8th Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) is here and with it are the many sights of coolness you’d expect from an event celebrating the awesomeness that is geekery!

While there is certainly a lot to be viewed and bought, here’re 10 things that caught our attention.

[divider]This Steam Punk Shop![/divider]

Because why live life like a normal bloke when you could deck yourself in some of the geekiest duds that you can possibly find?

[divider]Evil Jasmine[/divider]

2) Evil Jasmine @ Artizt LabelArtizt Label seems to specialise in making statues of recognisable characters with a dark twist!

[divider]Star Wars by Royal Selangor[/divider]

Like as if Star Wars needed any help getting cooler, Royal Selangor actually turns our iconic characters into pewter statues!

[divider]Hulk vs Hulkbuster[/divider]

4) Hulk vs HulkbusterEasily the single coolest moment in this year’s superhero extravaganza Avengers: Age of Ultron, the battle between the Hulkbuster and the Hulk has been immortalised by Hot Toys and made safe for bystanders to take pictures with.

[divider]Dr Strange by XM Studios[/divider]

5) Dr Strange by XM StudiosLast year, XM Studios made themselves known as the premium creator of limited edition statues of comic book characters and nothing has changed… except that they now have this absolutely sick Dr Strange statue that is beyond words!

[divider]Aquaman by Imginarium Art[/divider]

6) Aquaman by Imginarium ArtJoining XM Studios is Imaginarium Art with their take on some of DC’s greatest characters. And this is no Aquaman that you’d want to make fun of for talking to fish.

[divider]1/6 Scale TIE Fighter by Hot Toys[/divider]

7) 1:6 Scale TIE Fighter by Hot ToysWe are once again reminded that 2015 may well be the year of Star Wars with Hot Toys’ 1/6th scale TIE Fighter replica, built not only to seat a 1/6th scale TIE Fighter pilot, but to also inspire envy in all of those around you.

[divider]8) Hovering DeLorean and Board!![/divider]

We are indeed in 2015 and here’s how we know it:

8) Hovering Delorean and Board!!
So. Much. Need!

[divider]Adam Hughes[/divider]

Art by Adam Hughes
Art by Adam Hughes
Known especially for his pin-up style art and cover-worthy statuesque depictions of superheroines, Adam Hughes graces STGCC with his presence on both days, signing covers and prints while also doing original sketches!

[divider]Adi Granov[/divider]

Art by Adi Granov
Art by Adi Granov
While it’s easy to over simplify Adi Granov’s contribution to comic books by simply labelling him as yet another artist, fans would be interested to know that if it wasn’t for Granov’s work on Iron Man (both comic and film) the visual direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just might have been very different.

Like Hughes, Granov will be present both days!

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