Has The Lost Parentage of Rey Been Revealed?

Well, actually, that is all on the Rey being the child or Maul and Qi’ra theory, but you don’t go writing over 1500 words without branching out into other random thoughts.

Like what if Snoke is (one of) Maul’s apprentice(s)?

I’ll make it clear that I’m not a fan of the “Snoke is really a *insert random Star Wars character*” school of thought. Like the Emperor, I believe he’s best left as an enigma whose only real purpose is to embody the corruption of an otherwise good character like Kylo, and Vader before him. Giving up too much of his background serves only to unnecessarily humanise him and, in removing the veil of mystery, risk revealing him to be of little substance.

Oh, how I preferred Sidious before Revenge of the Sith

However, a connection to a well recognised but currently absent character just might make sense.

A recurring theme of the new trilogy is how both the Jedi and the Sith are far more flawed than either believed themselves to be. With the demise of the Sith, the ancient order’s replacement has an easier path in emerging in the form of the Knights of Ren.

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Disillusionment with the Sith isn’t new given Maul’s alignment post-resurrection. If anything, forming a new cult focusing on being the absolute fist of order enforced by a faceless regime of “Knights” who, if Kylo is any indication, are clearly master swordsmen is totally up Maul’s alley.

Additionally, while Kylo’s influence on the Knights of Ren has infused a Vader-esque fashion sense, Snoke himself doesn’t seem all that enamoured by the elder Skywalker’s Sith persona. If at all, his interest in Vader only exists up to the point of his powers, an indication of his almost divine conception…

Much like Rey’s birth if this theory does pan out.

But, if this theory were accurate, why would Snoke require Kylo Ren? The answer would lie in Qi’ra.

A significant moment in Solo was when Qi’ra stressed that Han was, despite his own opinions, a good guy. Despite seeming like a cold-hearted scoundrel when we originally meet him in Mos Eisley, it’s important to understand that, fundamentally, Han is a good man. Sure, he may have lost his way in the years between Solo and A New Hope, but his return during the Battle of Yavin and his subsequent dedication to the rebel cause are all moments in his return to being the man Qi’ra knew him to be.

This character journey, I believe, is mirrored by Qi’ra’s as well. A romantic from the streets Corellia, Qi’ra’s years following her separation from Han are a period of darkness, possibly deeper and more drastic. While the ending of the movie seems to reveal her own sinister motives, her seemingly genuine concern for Han and possibly sincere remorse in losing him suggest that the character is more lost than truly evil.

In this vein, while we may first see Qi’ra as a disciple to Maul (perhaps an early Knight of Ren herself) in any upcoming follow-ups to Solo and possibly carrying his child of the Force. And much like herself, and Dryden Vos before her, it’s also possible that Snoke may have been a disciple of some sort to Maul, a peer to Qi’ra. And while she may have been willing to support Maul’s vision for the galaxy, the ex-Sith Lord’s death at the hands of Obi-Wan may have created a power vacuum eventually filled by Snoke—a candidate more like Sidious than Maul and a catalyst for Qi’ra to change her mind.

While Snoke would certainly have wanted to train a child of the Force created by Maul, Qi’ra may have stoppered his ambition by having her child in secret and eventually abandoning her on the planted Jakku, away from the reaches of Snoke.

And what’s a dark side master to do if he can’t recruit and train a child of the Force? Well, seduce the grandson of the original Force-offspring, of course!

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