Summoners War Guild Siege Battle Pre-Registration Now Open

From 30 October 2017, Summoners War will begin pre-registration for its first Guild Siege Battle.

Since the introduction of real time PvP battles through the World Arena in Summoners War, Com2uS have received many requests to introduce guild-base PvP features and events. Players who successfully register will be entitled to in-game rewards such as Mystical Scrolls and Rainbowmons.

Guild Siege Battle is a 3-way-battle between 3 Guilds. All Guild members must try their best to defeat the bases of the other two Guilds and defend it until the stipulated time is up. The Guild that occupies the most bases will be the winner of the battle.

Recognizing the power of Guilds to create strong bonds between Summoners War players, Com2uS expects more participation and coordination between Guild Leaders and their members to assist their weaker team mates.

Summoners War players can expect highly intense Guild Siege Battles which will require not just high-level characters, but co-operation between guildmates.

You can now pre-register for Guild Siege Battles here.

Summoners War can be downloaded from the Apple store or the Google Play Store.

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