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End April With An Affordable Short Film Festival

In a debuting move to support the local film industry, the Shorties Film Festival launches across 4 countries from 23rd to 27th April 2018.

The annual week-long celebration of Asia’s short films will be held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Saigon, and Thailand concurrently.

Hive Coworking Space performs literal execution of the hive-mind, by screening selected films across Hive locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Tickets sell at $15SGD for all 4 days; a total of 14 films will be screened.

Boasting a handpicked screening list, the festival will offer emerging directors one more platform to air their short films on. As part of the festival, filmmakers are offered a chance to gain the insights of industry professionals

Singapore’s jury includes Bertrand Lee, whose notable works include a stylised single-take promotional film, and VTV Cab Vietnam spots which won “Best of Show” and “Best Social Message” at the Golden Bell Awards 2016.

The festival will culminate in the announcement of winners for yardstick film categories. This includes the enticing prospect of two coworking memberships for the best film editors, along with cash incentives for winners of the other categories.

Audiences are willing to give independent movies a shot now more than ever, and The Shorties Film Festival will celebrate independent filmmakers and the unique stories that they tell.

Get your tickets here.

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