SGCC 2019 Celebrates Art and Toys from Sesame Street to Mechanical Dieselpunk Tanks

Art toy lovers of all ages and pop culture fans can anticipate a nostalgic weekend with their favourite toy artisans at Singapore Comic Con – SGCC 2019.

Returning for their seventh year at SGCC 2019, award-winning design studio Mighty Jaxx prides itself in developing original content and products.

Since its inception in 2012, Mighty Jaxx has delivered over thousands of products to collectors all over the world and this year, fans who grew up watching characters Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster can look forward to Mighty Jaxx’s exciting collaboration with iconic children’s show Sesame Street.

In conjunction with Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary this year, fans will get to relive their childhood memories with Mighty Jaxx’s Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street! collection.

Mighty Jaxx’s Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street! collection will feature six fan favourite characters and four hidden variants

The collection will feature six fan favourite characters and four hidden variants, with each piece randomly packed in a box. Additionally, Mighty Jaxx will also be introducing a special edition 4-inch Elmo, and the latest XXRAY Plus Cookie Monster – debuting at SGCC 2019!


Art toy afficionados will be on cloud nine with this year’s exciting line-up of toy artisans! Since he started his career in 2006, talented artist, designer and illustrator, Tik Ka from East has held solo exhibitions in major cities worldwide including Taiwan, Paris, New York and London.

Tik Ka’s works reflect a cultural blend of traditional Chinese, European, American and Japanese cultures, as a result of growing up in the Hong Kong colonial era.

His “Super Hero meets Chinese Opera” series was highly acclaimed by international media and individuals including, Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr.

Be prepared to gawk at the magnificent Codename Colossus series of Mechanical Dieselpunk Walking Tank Scale Models created by Michael Sng.

As the owner of Machination Studio, Michael fulfilled his childhood dream of making a large fictional walking tank model and embarked on a journey to learn about 3D modelling, electronics and programming.

This journey led to an invitation for him to speak on the main stage at the TED Conference 2016 in Vancouver.


Joining the list of toy designers are more renowned illustrators and creators from the world of comics.

As a professional freelance artist of over 20 years, Jim Mahfood or better known as Food One has since garnered an impressive amount of followers globally.

Jim Mahfood has garnered an impressive amount of followers globally from self-publishing his own work to working with Marvel Comics.

From self-publishing his own work, Girl Scouts, this led him to scoring his first big break with Marvel Comics – writing and drawing the X-Men related Generation X Underground Special. Jim’s career then took off into the fields of illustration, advertising, fine art and more.

His brand-new project includes the upcoming Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost mini-series.

Based in Austin, Texas, Alexander Iaccarino is a professional illustrator who merges screen printing and the feel of classic movie posters with the influence of classic anime, western comics and video games.

Alexander Iaccarino merges screen printing and the feel of classic movie posters.

Alexander expresses his appreciation towards each genre through his work which is full of intricate details and a large cast of characters. Apart from being granted the opportunity to be a licensed Star Wars and Marvel poster artwork creator, Alexander has also worked with many great clients such as Playstation and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

From Singapore award-winning illustrator and comic artist, Koh Hong Teng who in 2012, co-created the graphic novel Ten Sticks and One Rice with writer Oh Yong Hwee. They clinched the bronze award at The 7th International Manga Award in 2013, making them Singapore’s first comic creators to win a prized international award from Japan.

If you are a fan of the New York Times best-selling, Harvey Award and multi-Eisner Award winning cannibal cop comedy series, Chew, brace yourself for an opportunity to get up close and personal with creator, John Layman!

John’s other notable works include Cyclops, Godzilla, Scarface, House of Me: Fantastic Four and the Marvel Identity Wars Annuals.

Fans of all ages and fandoms can look forward to two full days of exhilaration with all these exciting activities and bonding with fellow fans only at SGCC 2019 happening from 7 – 8 December at Marina Bay Sands, Halls A, B and C.

Tickets to SGCC 2019 are now available for purchase with fans being able to enjoy greater savings with the couple and group ticket packages available via the Singapore Comic Con website.