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Because everything associated to the Bee Gees and Saturday Night Fever is deserving of a killer soundtrack with a sense of groove, it is strongly recommended that you hit play on the video before proceeding to read the rest of this article.

There, that sets the mood, doesn’t it?

In 1977, the combined might of the Bee Gees hip-thrusting music and John Travolta’s hip-thrusting walk blew the minds of millions as they witnessed the slick moves that could only accompany the now iconic disco setting of Saturday Night Fever. And it’s all happening again at the MasterCard Theatres of Marina Bay Sands.

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Adapting the story of the original film with ease, Saturday Night Fever: The Musical uses the music of the Bee Gees to its maximum potential, scoring almost every scene with rearrangements of songs from the original film’s soundtrack. And while messing with the arrangement of such iconic tunes is nothing short of risky, the talents behind the music deftly pull it off making their rendition not only memorable and worthy of the legacy but also has me looking for their version of the soundtrack on iTunes. (No, seriously, anyone have a link to it?)

Prior to watching the performance, uncertainty regarding the pacing of the story–which was an issue even in the movie–as well as the execution of the role of Tony Manero bothered me a fair bit.

The movie had been plagued by a slow second act that was jarring following the disco-pulsed first and a rapid third act that ended on a note completely unfitting of the prior events. While the play’s admirable loyalty to the source material leads it to suffer from similar pacing issues, the use of music, solo interludes and powerful female vocals lightened my concerns and made it easier to enjoy the performance for what it was: a musical befitting Broadway.

More important–to me at least–was the execution Tony Manero’s role. Living up to the legacy of John Travolta’s style and mannerism isn’t a task I would burden most actors with, but shortly into the first sequence all worries were set aside–this cast clearly knew how to groove and even if it wasn’t quite Travolta himself, it was close enough, largely thanks to the perfect choreography of the entire performance.

The true genius of the entire musical, however, was in having the sets built around the iconic Verrazano–Narrows path–significant to the events of the story as well as Tony’s dreams and perception of freedom and a better life that supposedly lie at the other end of the bridge. Using the set piece as a means to divide the stage into split levels, scenes were brilliantly brought to life while also allowing for the elaborate and fever inducing dance sequences.

Debuting on the 25th of September, bringing its audience a dose of Friday night fevers, Saturday Night Fever: The Musical will be on stage till the 4th of October.

Tickets can be booked via Sistic for the following performances at the Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres @ Marina Bay Sands:
Now to Sun, 4 Oct 2015
Tue-Fri: 8pm
Sat: 2pm & 8pm
Sun: 1pm & 6pm

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