The Crew 2 is Good but Not Great Yet

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The Good
Huge Enjoyable Map To Cruise Around
Seamless Vehicle Transition Makes Travelling A Very Enjoyable Experience
Wide Array of Vehicles
The Bad
Underwhelming Story
Better Enjoyed Playing With Your Own Crew (Friends)

Race, sail and soar through a condensed map of the United States in Ubisoft’s racing sequel, The Crew 2 with tons of new vehicles, and the added option to traverse the world on land, air and sea.

Set in the world of motorsports, you play a rookie trying to get noticed and rise up the ranks to fame and fortune by racing, drifting and performing using different vehicles, from different disciplines, ranging from off-road to hypercar and even monster truck challenges.

The story of the game was pretty underwhelming. It’s the same premise for each storyline – you have a rival at top of each racing discipline and you have to work your way up to beat them. While I love a good story, it has to be done well.

For a game like The Crew 2, it would’ve been a better choice to just trash the plot and just have racing events you can slowly unlock and enter as you climb up the ranks, a little like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on the PS3, rather than leave one with a plot thinner than finish line tape.

The gameplay really did seem fun on paper, but when you actually get to use the vehicles, its not all fun and games. There an actual learning curve!

For the life of me, I’m pretty sure I’m not meant to be a pilot. Flying a plane is definitely not the easiest part of the game. I simply can’t seem to familiarize myself with the turning – which really sucks for me, as I need to keep replaying the stage till I pass, as the completionist in me can’t simply ignore an unfinished event in the game.

However, I would say that basic races and challenges still live up to the hype of the crew and the fact that you can seamlessly transition from car to plane with a press of a button makes for some pretty interesting gameplay choices. It’s definitely cool when you have to change your vehicles during a race!

The Crew 2 really shines with its graphics. With its wide array of beautifully rendered vehicles travelling the condensed map of the United States, it’s just so enjoyable.

The map retains its huge size which takes about 40-60 minutes to drive across making it one of, if not the biggest, racing game maps to travel across. However, certain parts of the world feel a little sparse as they are a lot duller compared to the more beautiful parts of the world.

I do feel that The Crew 2, like its predecessor, is better enjoyed with a group of friends rather than solo play, as travelling the huge world while playing with your buddies is like the perfect simulation for a road trip around the United States.

On top of that, you can definitely play a Top Gear Style scenario to see which mode of transport is the fastest. Bottom line is that I think players would get more out of The Crew 2 if they plan to play with a bunch of people they know rather than random online players.

Overall, The Crew 2 tries to hit greater heights compared to its predecessor and definitely hits some good points but falls short of greatness.

The Crew 2 is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC

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