[Review] Mushroom Wars 2 – It’ll Grow On You

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The Good
Graphics upgrade
Strategic, not mindless
Great multiplayer
The Bad
The way it was done, there wasn't a need for a story

The developers at Zillion Whales have taken on the task of improving Mushroom Wars and boy they did. Mushroom Wars 2 is a much improved RTS Tower defense game that let’s you take on the controller of your own Mushroom Kingdom tasked with completely annihilating any opposing mushroom villages around your area through fungal combat.

Mushroom Wars 2 is like its predecessor, but comes packed with improved graphics, new game modes and a story (somewhat). The Graphics of the game are very pleasing to the eye with very vibrant colors and visuals, making Mushroom wars 2 a game you can easily stare at for hours without putting to much strain on your eyes.

Gameplay wise, it’s the same troop management system, with the choice of sending your mushrooms out, or sacrificing them, to build forts that have higher defense and faster unit production. One wrong choice in any one of these aspects especially at the start of the game may just cost you a win due to the requirement of fast paced thinking in Mushroom Wars 2.

One of the additions i thought was really good are the heroes, you can choose them before each battle using their specific abilities to turn the tide of battle or help you speed up your massacre.

The Story that was introduced into the campaign was honestly very shoddily done and uninteresting. It feels like it was simply shoehorned in without much thought.

However, the muliti-player mode is the true star of this game as it brings on a whole new element and a sense of competition to the game, with rankings and dynamic players to play against, there’s always a new challenge to the game with the league system followed by a sense of achievement when you get through each league.

Overall Mushroom Wars 2 was a much welcomed successor and is a great buy if you’re looking for a game with a simple learning curve the requires time to master.

Mushroom Wars 2 is now available on Steam for SGD$19.99.

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