Gamevice is the Answer to True iPhone Mobile Gaming

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The Good
Lag free gaming
Long-play comfort
Great design
The Bad
For a proper fit, you need your iPhone in it's 'naked' state

Touchscreen definitely has its benefits and uses. But there’s just something about having a ‘solid’ grip and controls when it comes to gaming. Enter Gamevice.

The Gamevice is a lightning connected controller that can transform the Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPad Pro’s, into a full-fledged portable gaming platform with real, console quality controls. However, for the purpose of this review, I’ve only used the iPhone version with the iPhone 8.

Right out of the box, it’s very clear how you’ll need to mount your iPhone onto the Gamevice. Just look for the lightning port and insert. Then just push and slide to fit. Load a game. Start to play. Takes just seconds.

I felt a little nostalgic and went for an old-time favourite – Sonic the Hedgehog 2. After the initial second delay, which I’m guessing it needed to send the initial data to connect, it was simply amazing.

It was easy to forget that I was using my phone and it kinda reminded me of my PS Vita! It truly felt like it was one with the phone and there was no noticeable lag as Sonic looped the loop.

I then switched to another favourite – Minecraft, and that meant I was on my way for another couple of hours building away.

The longer I played, the more comfortable I got and there really isn’t a learning curve as long as you’ve ever held a console controller in your life.

With regards to design, I love the matte black finish. I hate fingerprint smudges. The GAmevice also fits snugly on the phone and the added length actually made it a whole lot more comfortable to play.

The thumbsticks and buttons felt like they should – easy to press and not feel cheap. The triggers were also pretty decent and weren’t too plasticky and clicky. They were actually well placed and easy to activate.

The biggest downside to the Gamevice to me was the fact that every time I want to use it, I needed to remove my case. So if you’ve got a case around your phone, or a Popsocket/ring, you’ll need to remove it before play.

Another win was the fact that there’s a 3.5mm jack for audio. I’m not the most careful when it comes to making sure that my Bluetooth headset is charged. This allows me to easily use the Gamevice with a wired connection to my headset.

Finally, retailing in Singapore at S$109, it’s a decent price for the quality you get – especially since it uses ‘lightning’ connectivity.

The Gamevice is MFi certified (Made for iOS devices),  works with the Apple iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pros. The controller also works with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note8 and Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge devices.

In addition, while I haven’t tried it yet, it’s supposed to be able to control compatible DJI drones, and now works with Star Wars Droids App by Sphero. That means you can use it to control R2-D2, BB-8 or BB-9E!

The Gamevice is available in Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. In conjunction with Singapore’s National Day, the Gamevice will be available at a 10% discount in Singapore from 9-12 August.

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