Part of the spread at the launch of Rasel's concepts.
Part of the spread at the launch of Rasel's concepts.

Rasel Proves That Halal Food Is More Than Just Mee Rebus

Rasel brings value and innovation to the halal catering scene, with twists on traditional Singaporean dishes and affordable options.

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The Good
Delcious and innovative dishes
Well-thought out plating for dinner guests
Food doesn't stray far from its heritage
The Bad
Some dishes were a little too overcooked

Rasel Catering Singapore is high on the list Singapore’s premium halal catering services, now onboarding an international award-winning kitchen team and artisanal menus that variegated the usual halal buffet experience. Particularly, the brand brings MICE event specialties to the table, with sustainable KPIs as part of its offering. 

Expect a Full-Fledged, Pristine Service

At a launch unveiling their new offerings, Alan Tan (Co-Founder and Managing Director of Rasel Catering) informed over 500 guests that this is a result of Rasel recognising the “the worldly palates of today’s customers and need for up-scale halal food” and a want to add value for all customers. 

The award-winning team at Rasel is helmed by Chef Boey Min Hwa who’s high in the ranks of chefs in Singapore. Chef Hwa’s expertise is behind Singapore’s first-ever double gold medal in 2016, at the IKA Olympics in Germany.

With the marrying of his Western skills to Rasel’s halal repertoire, it looks like customers have much to expect from Rasel’s artful additions to the halal sphere.

Putting A Spin On Local Favs

One of the interesting concepts premiered at Rasel’s launch was the futuristic adaptation of traditional local favourites, such as goreng pisang and tau huay (beancurd). These involved the incorporation of trendy culinary techniques, such as spherification.

On the left, Soya Bean Explosion, and on the right, Chilled Soya Curd with Lemongrass Syrup

In true mark of recognising the need for diverse and quality halal options, Chef Hwa mentioned that halal food is more than “just Mee Siam or Mee Rebus”.

Addressing what inspires the merger of new concepts with traditional concepts, he said “I belong to the crossover generation and so I understand the changing demands of baby-boomers as much as Xennials (born between the late 1970s and early 1980s).”

Slow Cooked Norwegian Salmon with Laksa Emulsion, Bean Sprout, Quail Egg and Deep Fried Beancurd, served at Rasel's launch
Slow Cooked Norwegian Salmon with Laksa Emulsion, Bean Sprout, Quail Egg and Deep Fried Beancurd, served at Rasel’s launch

Bridging The Gaps

Upscale catering is something that everybody wants to experience, though not all can afford the experience, particularly when the task of ordering for numerous people is in question.

The Satay Marinated Leg of Lamb, served with Homemade Peanut Sauce and Pineapple Salsa

To tackle this, Rasel launched “Simply Buffet”, a catering option that is small on price, but big on flavours. The company describes the new tier to be apt for customers who “prioritise price without compromising the quality of the food.”

Expect diversity with quality and accessibility from Rasel’s new options! Look out for the iBox, a queue-cutting solution at MICE events that allows participants to order their food use of their mobile phones, and collect it with ease.

What We Think

After trying an array of their menu items, I could definitely say that I extremely impressed, the food was not only delicious, it was also well-crafted with a lot of thought put into them not just flavour wise but plating as well.

Taste wise there were many stand out dishes, especially with the incorporation of gastronomy into the mix, the slow cooked Norwegian salmon was one of my favourites as it blended so well with the laksa emulsion, on top of that the soya bean curd explosion was such a refreshing dish that really just hits you once the sphere explodes. Rasel does not only serve twists on modern dishes but also serves western dishes like their slow-cooked beef cheeks that were to die for (I think I ate like 5-6 servings of that awesome stuff). However, there were some disappointing dishes like the satay marinated leg of lamb that was way to dry to be served by such  a high class catering service.

Although the food was fantastic, what really impressed me was the plating, every dish was curated and plated with a lot of thought in terms of what type of event it might be and what people would be wearing. Every dish either could be finished in one bite or has a particular plating style to ensure that your mouth doesn’t get to messy or prevent you from spilling anything on your fancy dress or suit.

I am not a big fan of gastronomy (I believe a steak belongs on a grill, period.) but I think Rasel did manage to get the perfect blend between using gastronomy but keeping the flavours true to its origins and I really do give them props for that. I highly recommend Rasel to those of you willing to go all out for a catering event for a birthday or celebration as you definitely will not be disappointed

Find out more on Rasel Catering’s website.

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