PRISM+ Refreshes Premium TV Line-Up for 2024

All-new mini-LED QLED TVs and Singapore’s First 100” QLED TV join Prism's line-up!

Homegrown consumer electronics brand, PRISM+, today unveiled three new Google TV line-ups as part of its 2024 refresh. The brand is looking to cement its position as Singapore’s leading TV brand with its latest premium value offerings, including the introduction of its first Mini-LED displays, and Singapore’s first 100” 4K QLED TV.

In addition, the brand is also looking to refresh its premium line of OLED TVs with the all-new AL-Series Google TVs.

Staying true to the spirit of the brand, PRISM+’s newest offerings will look to carry on its legacy of making premium technologies accessible to the masses. Aside from incredibly compelling price points that blow the competition out of the water, the latest Google TVs will feature improved cinematic technologies such as Dolby Vision IQ, all-new light and motion sensors, as well as local dimming.

The brand will also tackle next-generation console gaming for the first time in its history – all of its latest screens will offer two HDMI 2.1 ports, as well as a native 120Hz 4K display, along with a host of other features to optimise and streamline the gaming experience.

Our 2024 TV line-up is our most exciting TV launch to date. Local consumers have spending power, and are quick to discern between a ‘cheap’ product, and one that offers ‘value’. We are confident that our latest offerings will redefine expectations of home entertainment.

– Jonathan Tan, Founder and Managing Director of PRISM+

The Future of Premium Value Home Entertainment: Mini-LED QLED TVs

Just a year after launching its wildly popular QLED TVs, PRISM+ is ready to announce yet another addition to its range of display technologies with the U-Series 4K Mini-LED QLED Google TV.
Coming in two sizes, the PRISM+ U65 and U75 utilises a 4K Mini-LED display, capable of reaching 1400 nits of peak brightness – four times more than a traditional IPS display, and over 50% more than a typical OLED display without the disadvantage of worrying about screen burn-in. Unlike a traditional display, Mini-LED technology makes use of smaller chips to enable the installation of more LEDs on a display panel.
In addition, the PRISM+ U-Series Google TVs also utilises full-array local dimming technology to reduce blooming, ensuring the TVs can achieve the deepest blacks and the whitest whites, without having to pay the premium of an OLED display.

What sets the U65 and U75 apart from other Mini-LED displays on the market is its use of a Quantum Dot layer, or better known as QLED, that is outfitted onto the display panel. Combined with the Mini-LED display, this allows the screen to achieve a wider colour gamut of up to 125% so viewers can enjoy their preferred content in its full glory.

Both the PRISM+ U65 and U75 will also feature the latest in cinematic technology, including Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HLG, MEMC (motion smoothing), Filmmaker Mode, and Dolby Atmos. Similar to the other models announced at the launch, the both models from the U-Series will feature next-generation console gaming features. As mentioned previously, the Mini-LED QLED TVs will also feature 2xHDMI 2.1 Ports and a 120Hz display panel suitable for next-generation console gaming.

Jonathan adds, “We truly believe that the Mini-LED is the next premium display technology ready for mass adoption – especially given the affordability and quality of viewing that it brings to the table.”

Super-Sized Google TV: Singapore’s First 100” QLED TV

Following up on the launch of its successful QLED TVs last year, PRISM+ is adding two super-sized additions to the QLED family. Taking centre stage is the Q100 Ultra, Singapore’s first 100” QLED TV. The brand’s largest-ever display will feature 4K UHD resolution, and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Its QLED technology ensures vibrant visuals, alongside new features like localised dimming to optimise viewing pleasure. The Q100 Ultra will also feature a built-in 2.1.2ch Dolby Atmos sound system, capable of 120W of peak power output, ensuring that the TV will take full advantage of the Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. At launch, the TV will be priced at a limited promotional price of $3,999 – over 70 percent more affordable than competitors on the market.
Alongside the Q100 Ultra, the homegrown brand will also be refreshing its 86” display offering with the Q86 Ultra. The 86” TV will include the same hardware and features as the Q100 Ultra, with the exception of a built-in sound system and full-array local dimming.

The Refreshed Alpha Series OLED TVs

PRISM+ will also look to refresh its Alpha Series OLED TVs, upgrading its Android TV operating system to Google TV. In addition to the 55” and 65”, the local brand will also look to add a 77” display to the Alpha Series family. Like the other premium TVs launched for 2024, the OLED TVs will also come equipped with 120Hz 4K display panels, as well as two HDMI 2.1 ports to better serve the next generation console gamers.

Designed to redefine your immersive entertainment, the Alpha Series OLED TVs improves on its previous iteration with the addition of a built-in 2.1.2ch Dolby Atmos surround sound system to complement its unparalleled viewing experience. PRISM+ has also improved on its already astounding OLED display, and its current iteration boasts an increased brightness of over 21%.

In line with its adoption of premium home cinematic technologies for 2024, the PRISM+ Alphas Series OLED Google TVs will now come with Dolby Vision IQ, as well as a premium light and motion sensor to ensure that visuals are optimised regardless of ambient lighting.