Pau – A Cheap Pocket-Sized Drumset

If you’re a drummer, this is the closest you’ll get to playing without busting your wallet on a new drumset or confusing synths. The PAU (now $69) is a pocket-sized drumset that seeks to give the drummer and the non-drummer alike a musical experience on the go.


PAU is the debut brainchild of Bethm, a team of five young entrepreneurial engineering students from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

The name PAU stems from one of Singapore’s favorite Chinese snacks– white, good fillings and fun-sized.

Designed with the intention of catering to your “most inspirational moments, which can happen literally any time,” and also cultivating a common drum culture by removing the biggest hindrance to learning the drums: all of that bulk.

PAU Drum Equivalents

Music phone apps on your phones are just too gaudy and messy alongside other applications, so the PAU should do the trick by providing an external, convenient source of freedom to compose your music anytime and anywhere. Picture perfecting the beat to that one Dream Theatre track as you practice on the bus, with the song playing on your phone.


Bethm may even develop recording functions to enable saving of beats created on the go, an app that allows switching of instrumental sounds, better touch and feel for PAU’s surface, wireless Bluetooth solutions, and customised colours for individual PAUs.

If you decide to back the PAU, Bethm assures that you’ll get yours by May next year (2018). If you like the idea of playing a track the moment a beat comes to mind, or if you just want to learn how to play what is arguably the most intuitive musical instruments, consider buying this for yourself as a late Christmas gift.

PAU is up for grabs on Kickstarter right now up till 14th December 2017, at .

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