Patch and Punnet Presents 2042

Millenials Survive War in 2042, Double-Bill

In the face of war, would Millenials be able to emerge victorious without laying off of humdrum tinder swiping and avocados? How would the labels put upon the “strawberry generation” prove a mere fallacy? New kids on the block, Patch and Punnet are out to challenge millennial naysayers with the theme of prevailing love, and a debut double-bill, 2042.

The play uses a captivating premise, following the millennials in Singapore 24 years into the spoils of a war that destroyed 86% of the country’s population. Will they now be able to withstand the trials of love?

A classic dilemma – “how many lines are you prepared to cross in the name of love?”, gets a compelling twist in A Mother’s Love, which tells the story of a mother and son struggling to preserve their love despite having gotten past what is possibly the highest hurdle of them all – the hellfire of war.

Open Arms sees the serendipitous romance of a first-year associate lawyer and an exceptionally intelligent woman. Everything appears flawless, save for one tiny fact that could turn them into the iconic star-crossed lovers of the future.

The millennial founders of Patch and Punnet, Astley Xie, Dwayne Ng and Nisa Syarafana have their hopes set on breathing youthful energy into local theatre, making theatre accessible for Singaporeans and aspiring theatre-makers, and enabling youth-led projects, so that they’re welcome by the local community with open arms.

Catch Patch And Punnet with 2042 this December.

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre
Dates: 29th December 2017 (7.30pm), 30th December 2017 (3pm, 7.30pm)

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