Oddbods Go-Kards is the Manic Hyperactive Board Game Your Family Needs!

No matter the inspiration, when a product based on a pre-existing show or program emerges, the greatest concern is always how it captures the essence of what it’s based on.

With something like Oddbods, the most important essence to be captured would be the hyperactive manic energy of the iconic characters of the series, and Oddbods Go-Kards has that in spades.

Hitting Kickstarter with the typhoon-powered strength of the team behind Avertigos, this new Oddbods game will be up till the 26th of November.

A quirky, card-powered racing game, Oddbods Go-Kards translates the hyperactivity of the show to the table top successfully with a quick-paced and madcap racing game that is often equal parts intense and insane!

In a good way, of course.

While the gameplay can be rudimentarily be compared to Candy Land, it would be an oversimplification to leave it at that. With more demand on strategy where each card you play may determine your fate, you could easily find yourself either speeding away towards victory or getting left in the dust!

And further complicating matters are that the spaces you land on may also contribute to your rise or downfall, by triggering special reactions that effectively shorten the journey to triumph, or set you on a diversion course from which you’re not going to easily recover.

The true beauty of the game however, lies in the modular nature of the race track. In addition to the game-affecting nature of the board, the game adds another dimension to the platform with a build-it-yourself feature, allowing you to customise the race track! And it’s not as simple as cobbling a few road pieces together, as the pieces include turning points that, well, could literally be a turning point in the game with each of their special traits.

While the game is well-suited for family-friendly gameplay of all-ages, kids may take special pleasure in playing as their favourite Oddbod in the form of the tokens.

Unfortunately, the greatest challenge facing Oddbods Go-Kards would be in dispelling the presumption of it being a kids’ game. While, sure, the show has a pretty specific audience, the game and gameplay itself would be more than fun to any one just looking for a fun time.

And if it isn’t adult enough… just make it a drinking game!

Be sure to look out for Oddbods Go-Kards on Kickstarter from the 12th to the 26th of November!

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