Marvel Celebrates the X-Men’s 60th Anniversary With an Alex Ross Variant Cover

Marvel Comics is set to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Avengers and the X-Men this year, with new comic titles, collections, and more for fans to enjoy throughout 2023. To add to the celebration, acclaimed artist Alex Ross will contribute his stunning artwork to the occasion, starting in August.

Ross has created two connecting variant covers that will feature on various Avengers and X-Men titles throughout the year, showcasing his incredible talent in capturing the essence of both teams.

Retailers were given a sneak peek of the artwork at ComicsPro last month, and fans can now appreciate the beautifully painted images in their full glory.

The first part of both covers will be available this August with the release of UNCANNY AVENGERS #1, which sees the two superhero teams working together to protect the Marvel Universe.


Ross explained that for the X-Men piece, he used Jim Lee’s legendary 1991 X-Men #1 cover design and added his own signature spin on the iconic moment.

The X-MEN 60TH ANNIVERSARY CONNECTING COVER is a beautiful homage to Lee’s design, with Ross accentuating the action and adding his own unique touches, such as lightning coming from Storm.

According to Ross, the cover depicts a split-second difference later, where Wolverine is completing a full attack swipe and everyone is attacking harder.

Fans can check out both CONNECTING COVERS on Marvel’s website and appreciate the incredible artwork by Alex Ross that celebrates 60 years of these groundbreaking superhero teams.