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MAMMA MIA is Worth Your Money, Money, Money!

Story Execution
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Technical Execution
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Thank You For The Music
Delightful performances, mighty talented cast.
A technical masterpiece.
Entire cast is very disciplined, never breaking character even during transitions.
Slipping Through My Fingers
The performance of Sky is very underwhelming compared to the rest of the cast.
Tiredeness of the cast somewhat apparent (understandably) nearing the end of Act II/Finale

MAMMA MIA!‘s back in Singapore with a strict, limited season till 18th November 2018. Judy Craymer’s jukebox musical is a classic tale of a daughter on a quest to discover which of three men is her father, accompanied with ABBA’s classics, and the astounding technical capabilities of theatre.

With the joy, laughter, and love that it exudes, it’s no wonder the somewhat trivial plotline has set the world yearning to take a chance on it.


While the show is evidently a tribute to ABBA, simplistic set design and breathtaking light engineering bring narrative elements and progression back to focus whenever necessary.

Key characters are portrayed by exceedingly talented ensemble cast members – notably, the angelic, levelled vocals of actress Lucy May Barker who plays the addled bride-to-be, Sophie Sheridan.

Triple divorcee Tanya and her posse undoubtedly steal the show, with the three dancing queens sharing wonderful charisma and comedic timing, making for show-stopping numbers like “Money, Money Money.”

Money money money JS.A

The discipline of the cast as a whole assures that the musical leaves a truly lasting impression, with both background and ensemble members operating seamlessly, and as one.

Set transitions are especially delightful to watch, executed with extreme discipline, background cast members are super troopers that never falter with unheard character banter despite serving mainly as running crew.

The voice and character of Sophie’s boyfriend Sky are rather underwhelming, dulling the simple plot. Thankfully, the character isn’t very integral to the plot on a whole. With that said, Sky’s suave back-flipping friend will leave you saying “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do.”

Sophie Sky Kiss JS.A

In all other aspects, the production’s simplicity helps chase the shadows away. Set pieces are kept to a bare minimum, allowing for numerous transitions that work marvellously with prop and light design. Costumes are dazzling, and truly pop stand out throughout the performance.

If it doesn’t go without saying, the music is powerful, groovy and very easy to jive to. The cast pulls it off, maintaining copious amounts of energy and synchronisation through elaborate choreography – where many productions lose their edge.

Knowing me, knowing you, the world-class standards in performance and design that this musical is known for are a solid guarantee.

Look out for the stupefying execution of number “Dancing Queen,” which alone is enough to make the musical worth attending. True to the magic of music, there’s a concert at the end too!

Tickets for Mamma Mia! at Marina Bay Sands can be gotten from Sistic! Let your mother know.

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